Save Money on Summer Camp 2

Is the looming registration of summer camp making your nervous about how you will actually be able to pay for it? Summer camp can be a great experience, but it can also cost quite a bit of money. I once interviewed a family that was spending $1,500 a week on summer camp. Less expensive camps can still put a bite in the budget. That is why I decided to give you even more ideas for saving money on summer camp. Skip the standard program Choose a day camp close to home instead of an overnight camp for the most affordability. … Continue reading

Save Money on Summer Camp

Summer Camp? Didn’t we just make it to spring? while it is true that the calendar still says March, summer camp season is in full spring, well as it relates to registration, that is. Summer camps are now taking registration for their programs. If you want to be able to provide summer camp for your child but not pay a lot, then read the following post. I’ll share some ways to get the most for your money and cut your summer camp expenses while still providing a great experience for your child. Look into early registration. The earlier the spots … Continue reading

Baby Blog Month in Review: August 2008

Isn’t it crazy the way babies grow so quickly? It seems that you just get used to one stage and boom they are already into another. Tonight, were busy getting the household all set for my eldest child’s first day of second grade. My two younger ones are excited and want to start school, too. It will be a busy month. Don’t worry about the missing last week of blogs. I’ve gotten quite a few questions about where I have been. The Baby Blog tends to go on hiatus the last week of the month. That may change in the … Continue reading

The Olympics Is Changing My Household

Watching the Olympics has been an exciting thing, but boy has it had an impact on my home. Things are changing because of the Olympics, and it makes me wonder if they will change back. The biggest change is with everyone’s bedtime, or let’s just say lack of bedtime. No one is immune, including myself, the solitary morning person of the bunch. Well, my youngest my be a morning person, but it is still a little too early to tell. Staying up just a few more minutes and then a few more minutes again to see the end of the … Continue reading

Signs Your Baby May Be Ready for the Olympics

You know that your little one is special, but did you ever wonder if he or she is the next Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff or Nastia Liukin? Sometimes raw talent can be recognized very early. Here are some tongue-in-cheek ways that you can tell if your baby is headed for the Olympics. He can spit out strained peas farther across the room than any other baby you know, and his accuracy has the dog running for cover. You often find her sitting on top of the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets with no visible means of climbing up there. At bath-time, … Continue reading

Baby Blog Week in Review: August 4th Through August 10th

Did you catch the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony? We all enjoyed watching most of it as a family and thought it was spectacular. Did you find yourself bouncing or rocking along to the music? Recent research shows that bouncing your baby to music may affect his later music preference in life. We have this story, plus more this past week. Catch up on what you might have missed. August 4th Baby Blog Week in Review: July 28th Through August 3rd Safety and summer fun have been two themes occurring in the Baby Blog for last week. From tougher toy standards … Continue reading

Backyard Preschool Summer Olympics

Why should the little ones miss out on all of the Summer Olympic fun? You can host a backyard preschool olympics that will be sure to be a great time for everyone. The kids will learn all about moving their bodies and working as a team. They can gain confidence in their abilities, as well as a little exercise. Why not plan a backyard preschool summer olympics for your next preschool playdate, birthday party or moms camp? You can hold it for one day only, or host the event for a few days. It is up to you. Here are … Continue reading

Getting a Frugal Boost from Our Home Inventory

Yesterday was one of those days where I just had to get something tangible done in the morning. Lucky for me, I choose to work on our home inventory, and it gave me the frugal boost that I really needed. You may have seen some of my posts about creating a home inventory in the Home blog. This is an important thing to have for any household since it lists all of your belongings, helpful if you have a loss of your home. I wanted to get started as soon as I could. So yesterday, when I was looking for … Continue reading

How to Save Money on Entertainment

Sure, checking our movies through Netflix or the library can really save you money on your entertainment costs. But if you are tired of staying home and just want to save money on the entertainment you used to enjoy before, take a look at the following tips. You’ll learn how to save money on entertainment. Theater and Concerts Waiting until the last minute can really save you money on tickets for the theater, musical concerts and other shows. Close to show time, tickets can go for a bargain price. This is because the theater would rather sell the seats for … Continue reading

Cheap Food for a Large Crowd: Snacks

Whether you are hosting an event or just trying to feed your large family, being able to prepare good, inexpensive food in large quantities is important if you want or need to keep your food budget from exploding. Here are some ideas for frugal food recipes. With our family or five, we need a large refrigerator that can hold at least three or four gallons of milk for the week. In addition to our kids, we often have a few extras over at dinner or lunch, especially on the weekends. So, I’m starting to get good at producing inexpensive meals … Continue reading