House Fire Hero’s Cause Cancellation of Homeowner Insurance

Last October our local news in ran a story about a woman saved by her two Pit Bull Dogs from a house fire. Apparently she didn’t have working smoke detectors, and her dogs were responsible for saving her life when they alerted her and woke her up. I remember making a comment to my husband, that without the working smoke detectors, and owning the two Pit Bulls it was likely the insurance company for the home would cancel the insurance policy. Well, today I heard on the news the woman has received the notice and her Nationwide Homeowner Insurance policy … Continue reading

Commentary: Sue Happy Society–Who Is Liable?

It seems you can’t turn around without hearing about some kind of lawsuit or another for some reason. It wasn’t that long ago when people assumed responsibility for their own actions. Now it’s common to hear stories of people winning multi-million dollar settlements for smoking or spilling hot coffee on their laps because they can’t get out of the car and drink their morning coffee at a table. While big business is always subject to lawsuits and often end up on the losing side even when logic tells the public that the person suing should have known better, or brought … Continue reading

Backyard Trampolines May Lead To Cancelled Homeowner Insurance

A trapeze artist named Du Trampoline created the first trampoline in the 19th century by using the safety net as propulsion and landing device according to circus lore. In 1936 George Nissen invented the trampoline as we know it today. During the 70-year history trampolines have been used for training of the U. S. Navy Flight School, astronauts and in several other valuable ways for training. Fitness experts, agree the trampoline can be a valuable part of a fitness program, because of the cardiovascular benefits, low impact, and for building muscle. The first trampoline gymnastics event made its Olympic debut … Continue reading

Summer Fun – Say Yes to a Trampoline

A funny thing happened to me today, I went to a website that featured an elephant on a trampoline. After I got done snorting my coffee up my nose and recovering from the following choke and laugh – that guffaw aside – I was doing research on trampolines. You remember the trampoline, right? The big round thing that you can bounce on like mad and your kids get a big giggle out of and you get even more in the way of laughter when their hair stands straight up from the generated static electricity? I thought you might. A trampoline … Continue reading