Be Kind to Your Kidneys and Liver

The human body is pretty amazing. Despite all the wear and tear the body gets on a daily basis — inside AND out — it still keeps going. Your liver and kidneys play a huge role in keeping the body clean on the inside. The liver has hundreds of functions, but one big one is filtering bad stuff (like bacteria) out of the blood. It’s also essential for digestion — the liver produces bile, which breaks down fat so the body can digest it. It’s a multitasking marvel! Your kidneys are waste and water processors. On a daily basis, they … Continue reading

Who Rocks Your Workout?

It’s nearly impossible to go to a gym these days and not be surrounded by runners, weightlifters and stair climbers who aren’t sporting iPods or other personal music devices. It seems everyone has their favorite tunes that help pump them up as they hit the treadmill or sweat it out at the Smith machine. For some, Madonna gets them motivated to move. Others rely on Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith or Pantera to getting them pumped up. Studies show listening to loud music helps some exercisers to push through the pain and ignore inner voices that tell them their routine … Continue reading

Rock Your Workout

Do you listen to music while you exercise? If you do, then you might consider cranking up your tunes the next time you are feeling fatigued midway through your third set of tricep dips. According to a new study, women were able to pump up their workouts (especially strength training exercises) when they pumped up the volume on their iPods. Researchers say the female study participants performed a lot better and were happier when they were rocking out to loud tunes. The study’s results support a growing body of research suggesting that music is a real motivator for exercise. What’s … Continue reading

Getting Fit in Your Own Backyard

Give your wallet a break this summer and trade your gym membership for a workout in your backyard. With summer here, not only will you be doing your body good with fresh air and sunshine, but you’ll also be doing your yard a favor. Planting or tending to your garden is a great way to stay in shape. Pulling weeds, raking, digging, spreading mulch and carrying heavy loads of wood chips employ major muscles. In addition, if you are working out in the sun, you are sure to break a sweat. If you decide to move your workout to the … Continue reading

Train Like a Trooper

Do you know what it takes to train for a job in the military? If you thought your fitness regime was intense, consider what potential pilots for the U.S. Air Force must endure. A fascinating new public release distributed by the Armed Forces details the Air Force’s new fitness program. Just looking at it made me sweat, never mind actually having to complete it. According to the Air Force’s chief of fitness policy, the pilot’s exercise routine stresses the need for intense cardio workouts. “Aerobic fitness is the best indicator of current and future health risk, followed by body composition,” … Continue reading

Summer Vacation Exercise Tips

Don’t let your annual summer road trip put the brakes on your exercise routine. Traveling shouldn’t be an excuse to stop working out. Rather, look at your trip as a way to spice up your fitness regime. For example, if you are an avid elliptical fan, but the hotel you are staying at only has a treadmill and a stationary bike, then give those a try. Another option: hit the hotel’s pool or go for a jog at a nearby park. Doing so will not only allow you to get in some great sightseeing, but you’ll be burning calories at … Continue reading

Tips for Staying Fit While Traveling

Summer’s here, and with it comes family vacations and other holiday road trips. However, just because you are away from home doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your daily fitness routine. Consider the following the next time you try to make excuses for not exercising on the road: *If you are a runner, traveling to a different city gives you the chance to jog along new trails and view different scenery. *If you are a weightlifter, traveling could mean getting to use unique fitness equipment at your hotel’s gym. *Traveling provides the opportunity to switch up your exercise routine-if … Continue reading

More Fitness Myth Busters

Apparently, big muscles aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. According to a new study, not only does exercise not boost metabolism as much as widely believed, but even more shocking, is the fact that increased muscle mass doesn’t speed up weight loss either. Researchers maintain that while a pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat — about seven to 10 calories a day versus two calories — most people don’t put on enough muscle to make much of a difference. “Building muscle is very difficult for most individuals because it requires heavy weight workouts and … Continue reading

Biggest Fitness Mistakes

If you are a female looking to lose weight as expeditiously as possible, a new study says you need to kick up your fitness routine. Researchers say that one of the biggest mistakes women make at the gym, is thinking their available workout time is best spent completing cardio exercises — often at the same pace the entire time. However, studies show rather than doing 45 minutes of cardio work at a steady (and relatively easy) pace, women can burn more fat and calories if they complete intense cardio work, and also incorporate some strength exercises. Bottom line: Women, who … Continue reading

Bad News for Fat Burners

I was a believer. One of the reasons I started running marathons and lifting weights was because I wanted to lose weight. I bought into the notion that exercise helped improve the body’s ability to burn fat for as long as 24 hours after a workout. So I ate whatever I wanted and then ran 7 miles a day and figured all was right with my fitness regime. Apparently not. According to new research, exercise does not give one a license to eat with reckless abandon. Researchers at the University of Colorado in Denver say their new study shows you … Continue reading