Things They Never Told You About Being a Mom

Before having children all anyone ever tells you is how wonderful being a mother is. Babies are cute and cuddly and sweet and did I mention cute! However, what they failed to mention was that you were about to embark on the most difficult adventure you would ever face in your life. Don’t believe me? Try parenting a three year old for a day or two! They always say it’s the terrible two’s, they were wrong. Three was much harder than two, and I’m afraid four isn’t turning out much better. While I love my son dearly, there are some … Continue reading

Finding Love In Midlife

As a single parent and one who was on the dating scene for awhile, I can honestly say that trying to find a life partner in midlife may be about ten times more difficult than it is when we’re younger. Some of the reasons why it’s more difficult to find true love after forty are that a lot of people are already in long-term relationships or married. Another reason is that his kids may be younger than yours or maybe he never had kids at all. Maybe he wants more kids and you’re done with being pregnant. Some people tend … Continue reading

Are Dating Sites A Good Place To Find True Love?

By the time I got divorced, my oldest daughter was in her late teens and my youngest was 10. Although I wasn’t ready to run to the altar any time soon, I did find that I wanted to date, and perhaps find my true “Mr. Right.” Flying solo on yet another Valentin’s Day wasn’t something I looked forward to. Not wanting to leave things in the hands of fate, I signed up on a few respected online dating sites. I didn’t go crazy with the dating thing, and I always tried to be very careful about who I talked to. … Continue reading

I’m In Love… With bumGenius Diapers

It took my husband and I quite awhile to decide which route we were going to take when it came to cloth diapers. After much research and deliberating, we decided on the bumGenius 3.0 One-Size Cloth Diapers. It may have been the best decision we’ve ever made. I can honestly say I don’t have a single complaint about these diapers. They are awesome. First of all, they are adorable. Yes, they are bulkier than disposables, but they come in an array of colors: yellow, orange, white, as well as different shades of green, pink, and blue. Our baby happens to … Continue reading

You Need to Find a New Best Friend

Friendships are important in our lives and having one or two close confidants is a healthy thing to do for yourself. It is especially important if you are a single parent. Many single parents fall into the trap of trying to make their child their best friend. While it is wonderful to have that close bond and relationship with your child, there are a few things you need to consider. Best friends should not be children. You need adults to talk to, and more specifically someone who might know what you are going through, or be able to offer advice … Continue reading

Myths About Child Support

If you are a single parent with custody of your child, you should be collecting child support. However, that isn’t always the case. Did you know that according to the National Coalition for Child Support, there is $89 Billion in past-due child support currently uncollected in the United States. That doesn’t even include the parents who haven’t even sought child support yet. With so many people collecting child support out there, it seems that several myths have cropped up and here they are: Myth: Child Support goes to the child or children. Fact: Child support is exactly that – support. … Continue reading

Being Both Parents

Single parenting is so much more common these days, than it was even ten years ago. Parents wind up as single parents in a variety of ways, but once common thing remains the same – often a single parent feels as if they need to be both parents at once. So how do you go about being both parents at the same time, especially if the other parent isn’t involved or has limited involvement? First of all, you don’t try to be two people at once. You need to focus on being the best mom or dad that you can … Continue reading

Finding Time For Yourself

Sometimes as a single parent it is difficult to find or make time for yourself. There isn’t anybody else to sit with the kids during homework time, or tuck them in bed at night. Single parents often feel as if they never get any time at all. It is important to rectify that as soon as possible, to prevent resentment from building. How do single parents find time for themselves? Early Riser/Night Owl Many single parents choose to wake an hour earlier than their children, or stay up a little later after their children have gone to sleep. This doesn’t … Continue reading

Single Parenting is Hard

Let’s face it. No matter how hard we try, or what we say or do – single parenting is difficult. The world changes around us each day. New things come onto our plates, and we try to acclimate and adjust, yet still the act of parenting a child or children is difficult when there is only one of us around. You are trying to be two parents at once, even when the other parent is still involved. And even when the other parent is still involved, situations arise that become difficult to face, accept and move on from. So what … Continue reading

Losing Weight Post-Pregnancy

We talked about losing pregnancy weight yesterday. Today I want to take a look at what a woman should look into as she prepares to lose her pregnancy weight post-partum. While I can’t endorse any one single plan as the best plan for losing weight, I do have some good ideas of how to do your planning. First and foremost, give yourself that six to ten weeks after the baby is born to recover. You may find yourself shedding excess weight through breast-feeding. When a woman breast-feeds, her uterus will tighten up and that helps to reduce the levels of … Continue reading