Don’t Horse Around with Animal Shots

One of my young daughter’s favorite parts of summer vacation is attending the state fair. As a die hard animal lover, she lives to see prize-winning livestock up close and personal. Last year she went eye-to-eye with a 500-pound sow and knee-to-eye with a massive Clydesdale. I try to capture the magical moments with my digital camera, but am not always successful. This year, however, I am planning to incorporate a few tips I learned from a friend who used to shoot livestock photos for farm brochures. Here are just a few gems he passed on to me: Prepare the … Continue reading

Before Getting On Your High Horse

At the moment a well known Australian Christian is voluble in what they are saying. Now I don’t want to go into who this person is and disparage them, but I do want us to think about the issues we become involved in. This person has been so voluble about so many issues and some of them pretty trivial over the years, that he has lost all credibility. To most people it’s a case of, ‘he’s raving on again.’ If all we are doing is turning people off, so they don’t listen at all, how is this helpful to God’s … Continue reading

Get Your Wiggle on at Six Flags

My preschool daughter has never been a huge Wiggles fan. What’s more, she screams like a banchee every time I try to put her on an amusement park ride. And I’m not talking about those baby roller coasters that travel on a flat track, or those crazy toddler swings that spin around with modified reckless abandon. For the past three years my child has unleashed glass shattering, ear splitting, high-pitched shrieks each time I’ve tried to place her on merry-go-round horses (the paralyzed ones that don’t move up and down), baby boats (that barely move in a pool no bigger … Continue reading

Newer is Not Always Better

If it seems like some of your small appliances do not last as long as the ones that you remember your parents having, or even the ones that you had for years before you bought those shiny new replacements, you are probably right. It is true that at least for some items, they really do not build them like they used to. If you are lucky enough to have some of these items in your attic (or basement), you may want to give them a second chance before getting rid of them and buying a newer model. Furniture is one … Continue reading

Moo-ving Shots

True or false: Cows sit down when it’s about to rain? My 6-year-old bought that myth hook, line and sinker, despite a “real” farmer trying to explain otherwise. The problem is my child has photographic proof that cows really do take a load off when dark clouds roll in. Years ago I snapped a shot of a cow sitting pretty with a black sky as the background. What you don’t see in the photo is that there were about 14 other cows standing straight up as the rain began to fall. Whether you are taking pictures of cows, horses or … Continue reading

Appalled at Behavior

I admit sometimes I am appalled at the behavior of other Christians. In particular I feel strongly about people who are so intent on getting their point of view across that they think their right to speech overrides sensitivity, tact and the pain of other people. Take for example the behavior of those who protested at military funeral. While the law upheld they have a right to free speech, a bit of tact and empathy wouldn’t go astray. For some people learning to be sensitive to other people’s pain is something that is not easily learned it would appear. When … Continue reading

Caring for Pets in Cold Weather

In June I posted about the dangers of heatstroke for animals. Now that we’ve entered the opposite extreme of seasonal weather, I’d like to take a look at ways to keep our pets safe when it’s cold outside. The ASPCA has a list of several things to remember when looking after pets in the winter. Just as leaving a dog in the car is dangerous in the heat the same is true in the cold. Especially when it isn’t sunny outside, cars trap the cold and can drop to dangerous freezing temperatures. If you must leave your pet in the … Continue reading

Avoiding Holiday Pounds

It’s that time of year again – no, not the holidays, but the time when everyone seems to come into your office armed with cookies and the office luncheon is filled with enough tryptophan and carbohydrates to choke a horse. The other day, a study was released that showed that the highest number of heart-related deaths occur on Christmas, with the second highest number being recorded on December 26. Now maybe it is family stress that is getting everyone or that last minute shopping, but I know that I personally pack on the pounds during the holidays because I love … Continue reading

Summer at a Ski Resort

I admit; I’m not much of a snow bunny. In fact, I have probably been to more ski resorts during the summer months than during the winter. However, there’s a method behind my travel madness. Visiting a ski resort in the middle of summer is significantly cheaper than when the snow is chest high. Many mountaintop hotels offer great savings to guests during the warm summer months. In fact, right now Expedia is advertising a super summer sale on rooms at top-rated ski resorts. Take a look: VERMONT If you are looking for an affordable summer getaway head to Vermont’s … Continue reading

Are You a Spoon?

Wondering what a spoon is outside of an eating utensil or a very a snuggly position with your spouse? Well, wonder no longer. A spoon is a body shape that means you carry excess weight on your hips, thighs and behind the knees. My legs are somewhat spoon like, even when I am at my peak weight; my legs are larger than my upper body would indicate. Spoon Doesn’t Equal Overweight Before you get the wrong idea, just because your lower body is larger than your upper body, don’t believe that this is an indicator of being overweight. I felt … Continue reading