Benefit Sale for the United Way

In some ways working as a Disney blogger has hurt my love of the company. Researching Disney in order to write more about it has clued me in to some corporate practices that I just don’t like. But I try not to talk about that too often; for all that I don’t want to just blindly praise everything Disney does, I don’t want to be a downer all the time. I’m really excited, then, about a post I just saw on the official Disney Parks blog. On November 6, Downtown Disney will host a benefit sale to support the United … Continue reading

Reasons to be Kind to Retail Workers on Black Friday

People who work in retail, as sales clerks, have one of the most stressful, least appreciated, lowest paid jobs that exist in the United States today. Those of you who choose to do your shopping on Black Friday need to remember to be kind to the sales clerks. There are plenty of good reasons to treat them well. This is the time of year when retailers hire some extra part-time workers. According to the National Retail Federation, retail stores have hired about 500,000 seasonal employees this year. Most of them are part-time workers, who are hoping to somehow transition into … Continue reading

Cooking Tips From The Great Depression

Did any of your relatives live through The Great Depression? There are many words of wisdom that can be learned from people who survived this very trying time in America’s history. Back then, people did a lot of cooking from scratch, from inexpensive ingredients. A 94 year old woman named Clara is teaching people Great Depression cooking, through online videos. One of my grandmothers lived through The Great Depression. She had a lot good advice about how to get by on very little money. She taught me that garage sales were excellent resources for clothing, books, and interesting little knick-knacks. … Continue reading

Potential Expansion for Disneyland Paris

After remaining quiet for half a decade or so, construction vehicles on Disney parks are really revving up again. We have the major Fantasyland expansion currently underway in Disney World, a new Disney park planned for Shanghai, and now, a potential new theme park for Disneyland Paris. The U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper reports that Euro Disney – the European corporate branch of the conglomerate – has reached a deal with the French government allowing it another 20 years during which to build on the lands surrounding the park. The government owns all of the land around Disneyland Paris and previously only … Continue reading

La Hacienda at the Mexico Pavilion

One thing that definitely has me wishing I lived in Orlando: the restaurants at Disney World. I’m sure I’m biased, thinking that Disney’s magic would also somehow carry over to its culinary experiences, but whenever I hear about all the restaurants at Disney World I practically salivate. Mine is the unfortunate story of a girl who loves new and exotic food experiences (I wouldn’t say I’m a foodie, because I’m not particularly bothered about how fancy the food is) but doesn’t love urban life. I’m happiest when in bucolic surrounds, but obviously there just isn’t usually a great variety of … Continue reading

Keeping Things Out of the Landfill

Did you know that our landfills are filling up at an alarming rate? In fact, in the United States alone, in any given day, at least two landfills close when they become filled. This is a serious problem. Here are some easy ways to reduce the amount of things that your household contributes to the landfill. Get Used Instead of buying something that is brand new, why not explore the benefits of getting a used item? Not only will you be keeping that item out of the landfill and reducing greenhouse gases that might have been made during the manufacturing … Continue reading

Frugal Living Month in Review: June 2008

What a happy month is June, filled with the renewal of spring and the promise of summer. In the last month, we have shared so many ideas for frugal living and saving money. This past month has seen some pretty big increases in food, gas and other items (look for an upcoming post about strawberries increasing more than 100 percent). Now more than ever, it is important to save money where we can. This is why I decided to do a month in review. June 2nd Frugal Living Review: May 26th Through June 1st Garage sale shopping has got to … Continue reading

What You Can Find At Goodwill Series – Shoes, Toys and Electronics

We’ve been discussing the various departments that can be found in Goodwill stores across the United States. So many people have a negative connection with the purchasing of items at a Goodwill store, and I am off to prove that it is worth shopping there. Here are a few more departments and what we found. Shoes It wasn’t a large section, but there were definitely shoes to be found. Yes many were used, but there were more that were new. From summer sandals and flip flops to winter boots and slippers, and everything else in between, was right there sitting … Continue reading

Pop Culture Potpourri: Angelina Jolie’s Newest Fans and Billy Joel’s Anti-War Song

Angelina Jolie may not know that some of her most fervent fans live in the Philippines. And they aren’t women who idolize the international film star or men who dream of wooing her away from Brad Pitt, these fans live in rice paddies… and they are asking the 32-year-old actress to lend them a helping hand. A left-wing Filipino farmers group trying to call attention to thousands of rural people who have been displaced by increased military operations wants Jolie to adopt their cause. The Farmers’ Movement of the Philippines, or KMP, wants the United Nations to send Jolie – … Continue reading

Own a Piece of Your Favorite TV Show

How big a fan are you of NBC’s “The Office?” Have you ever dreamed of seeing your husband in Dwight’s shirt or coveted Pam’s purse or, perhaps, wondered what it would be like to walk in Jim’s shoes. Don’t watch “The Office?” Okay, what about “Heroes?” Have you ever drooled over Claire’s latest ensemble or wished you could wear Hiro’s watch? Well, wish no more. All of the aforementioned items could soon be yours… if the price is right. In what is being called an unprecedented opportunity to own gear from hit primetime shows, NBC is launching a live online … Continue reading