Mini Mickey: The Ultimate Disney World Travel Guide

Learn how to avoid the crowds This weekend my family and I engaged in an activity along with many others across the country: raiding the clearance sales at Borders. I’m devastated at the mega-bookstore’s demise, but that didn’t stop me from seeing what books I could obtain. Before I made a separate trip to the store with my mother, she gifted me with three books she’d bought there earlier in the day (thanks, Mom!) They’re all unofficial guides to Disney World. Between them the three contain myriad tips on taking a Disney vacation: how to find the best savings, how … Continue reading

Eating, Sleeping and Getting Up Part III

Getting Tyler ready for school without any hassles is a goal I aspire to achieve. He loves school. Wakes up with the sunniest disposition I’ve even seen, but the child is slow with a capital S. And since most nights I work late I can’t get up any earlier than our appointed 6:30 am wake up time. Besides, this gives him an hour and about 10 minutes to get ready. Which is plenty of time as far as I’m concerned. But he prefers to spend most of his time playing around and I end up hurrying him along. So what … Continue reading

Eating, Sleeping and Getting Up Part II

We continue now with part two of Eating, Sleeping and Getting Up. The author offers some great tips on how to end bedtime battles. For one thing, she points out preparing for bed should start when you come from work at the end of the day, not 15 minutes before the child is supposed to go to sleep. I know that I personally try to get Tyler to start winding down and getting ready for bed quite early, generally at least an hour or so before his 8 pm scheduled bedtime. Still many nights turn into a battle of wills. … Continue reading

Book Review: Eating, Sleeping and Getting Up Part I

Eating, Sleeping and Getting Up is psychologist Carolyn Crowder’s answer to how parents can stop the three most frustrating, sometimes daily battles, we have with our children. She starts off by answering the age-old question, “Why do children misbehave?” According to Crowder, children misbehave because they have “become discouraged about finding a positive place of significance within the family. Each child needs to feel he or she is an important and useful member of the family. Because this desire for significance is so important, children work to achieve his goal through either negative or positive means.” The first duty of … Continue reading

How To Make Your Child Whine-free

In the September 2005 issue of Parenting , noted author and parenting expert Dr. William Sears talks about a behavior that’s near and dear to me— whining. Like a lot of kids his age, Tyler has the bad habit of whining and when he does —it makes me cringe. I’ve asked him nicely not to do it but so far this behavior has not lessened much. Like the parent who wrote in to Dr. Sears wanting to know how she can stop the behavior, Tyler’s whining is driving me up the wall. Fortunately, Dr. Sears offers some valuable tips on … Continue reading

Babies’ Sleep? Really?

Trying to understand the sleeping patterns of a baby is like doing fractal geometry without a lecture. You read a lot in baby books and get a lot of advice on what your baby should or shouldn’t do. You’ll hear lots of things that other people’s babies did. You’ll feel equal parts gratified and annoyed by the plethora of well meaning advice. Get ready for a little bit more. Babies are just like aliens in my opinion. They are not from our world. They don’t know our rules. They don’t know the difference between night and day. They also have … Continue reading