Book Review – “The List” by Melanie Jacobson

In the fun new novel “The List” by Melanie Jacobson, we meet Ashley Barrett, a young lady who has plans. She’s seen how dull people’s lives become after they get married, and how they aren’t able to do the things they want to do once they’re tied down, so she has created a list of all the things she wants to do before saying “I do.” She’s managed to work her way through several of those goals—some of which are pretty impressive—and this summer, she’s got her eye on two more: learning to surf, and having a summer fling. She … Continue reading

Trusting Your Spouse

As I mentioned before, I have a friend who’s getting married soon, and she’s been full of questions about marriage and how to make relationships work. As we’ve talked, I’ve noticed a common theme in many of my answers to her – the theme of trust. When you agree to marry someone, that is the first big step of trust you take. You’re telling them, “I trust you to be my partner and to take care of my emotional needs.” As you enter into the marriage, you’re telling them, “I trust you to be honest with me and to be … Continue reading

Book Review: “My Gift to You” by Lori Nawyn

Trish Ingram has a secret. Beneath the facade of the perfect housewife lies a woman who is emotionally insecure, battling her own feelings of doubt and discouragement, wondering if she’ll ever really measure up to the standards she has placed on herself because of her past. Her need to remain in control at all times has alienated her from her family and friends, who feel that she is reluctant to give of herself. But if she opens up and becomes vulnerable, she’ll get hurt … so she believes. She maintains her distance for her own self-preservation until a good friend, … Continue reading