There’s Blood In My Daughter’s Poop?

We first noticed that our daughter’s poop looked a little strange when she was two months old. It had taken on sort of a purplish hue. We took her to her pediatrician to test it, and discovered it contained blood. I immediately eliminated dairy and soy from my diet, which helped at first, but the blood came back. Then I did block feeding to correct a possible foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, which helped at first, but the blood came back. Then I tried Dr. Sears’ Elimination Diet. Everything I tried seemed to work at first, but the blood always came back. She … Continue reading

Breastfeeding Preemies in a NICU is Different

Breast milk is absolutely the best food you can give your newborn. Not only does it provide numerous immunological benefits, but the breast milk of a mother who has given birth too early contains substantially more calorie packing fat than does the breast milk of a mother who has given birth at a full 40 weeks gestation. One difficulty in breastfeeding a preemie for some mothers is that good practices in giving breast milk to a preemie while he/she is in the NICU may well go against everything that the new mother has read or heard about breastfeeding. Here are … Continue reading

Valorie’s Breastfeeding Index

Later today I will post a review of the baby blog of 2007 so why does breastfeeding get its own category? Well, in part as an answer to readers who want to read what I’ve written on breastfeeding. I’ve written so much on breastfeeding at this point that you all have asked for an index of sorts so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. It’s also in part because I’ve become known as the breastfeeding lady. . .guru. . .whatever you want to call it. I’ve been at this breastfeeding business for a long time and many of … Continue reading

Ask a Baby Blogger: The Gory Details

Question: I wanted to ask you, since you are clearly in favor of breastfeeding, what you think about women who put down other women for not breastfeeding? Also, do you think there’s a limit (please say yes) to how much information should be shared by other moms in a conversation regarding breastfeeding and child birth. I almost answered this question privately, as really it doesn’t have to do with babies as much as motherhood and manners. But then I went back to my own early days as a mother. . .even during my pre-mothering days when I was pregnant. I … Continue reading

Can You Overfeed When You’re Breastfeeding?

Generally, when parents are concerned about weight in breastfed babies, it’s with regards to not gaining enough rather than gaining too much. However, one mother asked the question today in the forums whether or not it was possible that a baby could gain too much weight while breastfeeding. The short answer is no. Your baby and your body work together in a truly remarkable way and generally speaking, it is impossible to over feed your baby. Your body is able to produce exactly the right amount of milk with the right amount of calories in it for your babies. Studies … Continue reading

A Couple of Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Baby

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and many of us will be traveling for Thanksgiving, or preparing to host our own feast with family and friends. This will mark the first year for us, in which we do not have to do Thanksgiving with a baby under 24 months of age. That would make a total of 7 years in a row with a baby in tow for the holidays. With that said, here are a few of our tips for getting through the holidays. It All Revolves Around the Baby We have learned over the years that holidays must … Continue reading

You Should Be Giving Your Baby Soda!

This is so bizarre and unbelievable I just had to write about it. I try diligently to make sure that my kids get their five servings of fruits and veggies a day. I do allow sugar, but generally it’s with stuff that has been homemade, and as you probably already know, I’m good at sneaking fruits and vegetables into places where you would never think fruits and vegetables could go. (Whole wheat brownies with spinach anyone?) Never, never do I allow soda. In our family, it’s actually a rite of passage that on one’s 8th birthday, they are allowed to … Continue reading

Breastfeeding Questions: Hind Milk and Fore Milk

Someone in the forums asked me to explain the idea of hind milk and fore milk. Most women don’t even need to worry about it. Your milk comes when it comes and is perfectly designed to meet the needs of your baby. Your baby instinctively knows how long to suck and when. When he’s thirsty, you’ll notice that he sucks lightly and doesn’t nurse as long. However, when your baby is really hungry, you’ll notice that his suck is much harder and he’ll tend to nurse much longer in this manner on one side or the other. This is because … Continue reading