Scrapbooking for Cheapskates

Don’t be offended by the title. I happen to wear my “cheapskate” badge with honor. Call it what you want: frugal, creative, selective, whatever. The point is there is a way to stick to your budget even if you are addictive to scrapbooking. One of the best ways to save money scrapbooking is to think outside of the box. Sure, it is easy to run to your local scrapbook supply shop when you’re in need of embellishments for your layouts, but often you can find dirt cheap alternatives in your own home. Some ideas include: *Recycling bows and ribbons from … Continue reading

$300 for a Year of Scrapbooking – What Would You Do?

Around a year ago, I made a friend who was going to go overseas with her husband for a year while he was in the service. Wherever it was she was headed to, pretty much meant no scrapbook supplies for a year. Can you imagine that? I’m not sure I would survive a year without access to scrapbook supplies. However, her husband gave her $300 and told her to purchase what she could for the entire year. Obviously developing or digital prints were not included in that amount. She was able to use the online digital print services for that … Continue reading