Budgeting For Those With Irregular Incomes

Everybody knows the importance of creating a budget to keep your finances on track. There are some situations that make creating and sticking to a budget difficult. Irregular income is certainly one of these. If one or both wage-earners in a family are self-employed or work at jobs that do not pay on a traditional regularly-timed, predictable earning schedule it is hard to know how much money is going to come through the door each month. Unfortunately, the world does not provide exceptions for those of us with irregular incomes. Your bills are due on the same day every month … Continue reading

Home-Based Business Finance 101

Many home-based professionals own their own businesses. Whether your business is a lawn care and snow removal operation, a freelance web design service, or something else entirely, if you own and operate your own business there is a good chance that you are responsible for the financial affairs of your business. While you can choose to outsource this work to a small business accounting firm, that costs money and it may be more than you are willing or able to pay. Do not despair, though, you are capable of learning how to take care of your business’s financial affairs. Here … Continue reading

Activity Days-Budgeting Activity

Yesterday we had a great activity all about budgeting for the girls. I was afraid this activity was going to be boring, but they actually loved it. And, it helped them get something passed off in their Faith in God award, so that always makes a leader feel good! I started by having the girls pretend for a moment that they all just graduated from high school, and shared an apartment together. I only have 4 girls, but you could divide up into smaller groups if you have more girls. I told them they made minimum wage, working a part … Continue reading

Budgeting for a First Home

Do you want to buy your first home, but have too much debt? An overload of debt can hurt your ability to buy a home in many different ways: cash flow, credit score and loan approval. If you desire the opportunity to buy a home, try this plan to help you get there. Start by first determining the amount of money you will need to borrow in order to buy a home in your area. Basically preview the prices of homes you think you could be satisfied with, and deduct any amount you have saved for a down payment. Then … Continue reading

Why Trust a New Money Blogger?

I want to start off my blogging experience at Families with a brief introduction as well as a description of why you should trust me. Money is certainly a prized possession, and it should only part your company under the best circumstances. Why should you trust me to give you money advice? Well, let me first start by giving you my background and let you decide for yourself. I am a mother and wife, who is completely responsible for my family’s finances. My husband has no interest in money-matters, so luckily it is a passion of mine. For me, it … Continue reading

My Home Biz Experience: An Introduction

I am currently working from home as a freelance writer, something I never imagined I would be doing with my life. I always knew staying home with my children was where I wanted to be, but the journey it took to get here was rather unexpected. In the year 2000, my first daughter was born, I got married, and I began to think about new directions my full-time career could go. It was so sad taking my daughter to daycare each day, knowing her provider was experiencing all of her early “firsts,” though at the time I had no other … Continue reading

Don’t Eliminate the Entertainment Budget

Often, when times are economically tight, as they are now for most of us, the entertainment or fun budget is the first thing to go. Just because there is less money available, doesn’t mean that there has to be less fun. Do Put Something in the Budget for Entertainment Designate some amount for family fun, even if it is only limited to $20 a month or even less. Budgeting for entertainment sends the message that family fun is important, even when it isn’t expensive. If you create a zero-based family fun budget you may wind up indulging anyway, and blowing … Continue reading

Baby on a Budget

Your new bundle of joy could make more than a significant dent in your finances. Establishing a solid budget for your baby can help you keep everything under control and leave you with enough money for your baby’s future. You might be interested to know that according to the US Department of Agriculture, it can cost up to a quarter of a million dollars to raise a child through age 17! This doesn’t take into account children living at home past age 17, college costs or significant medical expenses that could arise. That is why it is important to establish … Continue reading

Anticipating Expenses in Your Budget

When establishing a budget, it is important to account for variability. Some monthly expenses change a bit each month, such as your energy bills, others are paid bi-annually or annually instead of monthly, such as taxes, and some pop up unexpectedly. Others expenses may vary in their amounts each month. Knowing how to anticipate your expenses will leave you with a solid budget that is always in the black. First start with the stable expenses, those that do not change from month to month. Some examples might be your car payment, your mortgage payment, or a student loan. You can … Continue reading

Happy Kids On The Cheap

With all of the expenses of raising a family, parents are often searching for ways to save money wherever they can. One area of the family budget where spending can often be reduced quite a bit is entertainment. Parents often believe that they need to spend more money to keep their children entertained and occupied than they actually do. Children are naturally curious, and often parents are pleasantly surprised by how simple things can capture their imaginations and hold their attention for hours. My favorite example of low or no cost family fun is a trip to the playground. Depending … Continue reading