Time Saving Tips to Keep You on Track

With the holidays fast approaching, things might be getting a little busy around your house. Some people are able to back off a little bit from their home based businesses during the holiday season and focus on holiday activities. People with seasonal home based businesses are likely to be putting in as much time and effort as they can right now. Either way, you are likely to be feeling a little bit crunched for time. Of course, there are only so many hours in a day. While we can not create additional hours, we can employ a few strategies to … Continue reading

The Wet Cupcake Incident: A Lesson in Risk Management

The other day, I learned a lesson about owning and operating my own business. Fortunately, the lesson that I learned was not very physically, emotionally, or economically painful. It was, however, quite wet. Two weeks ago, I arrived at my Wednesday farmers’ market and set up my booth as usual. My booth consists of a sun/rain canopy with a table underneath it. Business was slow for the first hour or so, and I was making the most of the idle time by playing with my son. It was the first time that I had let him sit directly on the … Continue reading

Library Time

Generally I’m going to be the one to tell you to go online to find anything you need. I’ll generally tell you to use the latest digital tool to get that new task done. I’m the one who doesn’t want a phone call but an e-mail, a digital file instead of a print out, and in general the newer instead of the older. This can sometimes get me in trouble with people who don’t do things like I do. With the proliferation of computer use it is getting easier though. Now, when doing research it’s important to leave no stone … Continue reading

The Problem of Time

This will come as no surprise to most of you but time is finite. There aren’t eight days in any week (even if The Beatles “imagine” there are) and there are only so many hours in each day. “Okay,” you say, “I get it.” Well, maybe you’re all doing better than me but I’m having some significant problems recently having to do with time. I could use that extra day at the end of a week or the extra hour in a day. As I’ve said before I play multiple roles. I’m a full-time student, a teacher, a graphic designer, … Continue reading

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses #1: Busy Work

Why is it that students don’t do their homework? What motivates the decision for a student to ignore a task that has been set before them to complete? Why would a student make up reasons for why they were unable to complete their assignments? While I don’t claim to know all of the answers to these questions I certainly see potential clues every day I go to work. If we haven’t met allow me to introduce myself: I’m Kyle and I’m a dad. I’m also a Ph.D. student. I’m also a teacher. I’m also some other things. What’s important, however, … Continue reading

Working Time Trouble

One of the challenges of fatherhood has been having less time to complete the same number of tasks. My wife had been wonderful by trying to give me time to do my work. During her six weeks of time off from work our schedules were irrevocably changed. I would only drive to campus for the duration of the classes I was taking or teaching and then I would drive home to be with the family. This created a necessity for all of my work to be done at home. After the first week or so we were in a fairly … Continue reading

Busy Time Management

I’m addicted to technology and time-management news! (Phew!) There, I’ve said it. I love the tips, tricks, tools, and discussions offered on a variety of websites. This past month I’ve been fairly free to spend a good deal of time clicking around on these pages for fun in between my spurts of writing for a playwriting course and reading for an Art class I’ll be starting next week. But it’s finally caught up with me. Today I’ll have to actually start attending class physically. Some classes don’t require this (creative writing) and so I’ve been able to churn out material … Continue reading

Cutting Down on Time Spent Waiting

Time management and making the most of the time we are given in a day is one of the chief challenges of single parenting. We spread ourselves around and as the solo adult in our household; have quite a bit to tend to. One of the realities that can “eat up” valuable time in a busy day is having to wait—we wait at the doctor’s or dentist’s office, wait on line, wait in traffic. If the average person figured out how much time she spends waiting, she might get incredibly discouraged at all the wasted time. What can be done … Continue reading

What is “Wasting Time” to you, May Not Be to your Child

Time management is a big topic of conversation here in the Single Parents blog. We seem to be constantly brainstorming ways to get more done in an average day and to do it was as little stress and pressure as possible. One of the side effects of our needing to get a great deal done in the course of a day is that we can push and pressure our children to stop wasting time and to keep up and multi-task along with us. This might seem like a reality of single parent family life, but it is not always fair … Continue reading

The Joy of Busy Work

Most of the time, I want to be challenged in my work. That is one of the reasons I even started a home business in the first place—I got tired of having other people dictate my work day and set my schedule and even tell me how they thought things should be done. I wanted to feel challenged and limited only by my own choices and issues. That said, there are those days or mornings when I really do enjoy a bit of busy work. The rote activity of preparing mailings or putting together copies and packets gives me a … Continue reading