Calcium & Quinoa

I have a friend that says that she felt her most healthy and in shape when she was pregnant. She said that the knowledge that she was caring for someone else besides herself motivated her. I was impressed by that. All I could think about when I was pregnant was chocolate and more chocolate. While I cared about my unborn child, I was not super motivated to eat healthy. I felt like my hormones were in charge instead of me, and that caused me to have the attitude of, “I’m eating for two!” When, in reality, we all know that … Continue reading

Working Out During Pregnancy

With my first pregnancy, I was just in survival mode. I was working full-time, and just trying to make it through the day each day. I would collapse on the couch exhausted, and just wanted to go to bed at 7pm at night. I did not even think about working out, or exercising during that pregnancy. I was too overwhelmed with just feeling sick, or huge, or not comfortable. I survived that pregnancy just fine, and went on to have a healthy, happy baby. With my second pregnancy, I decided I would work out more. I went to the gym … Continue reading

A Little Risk is OK in Pregnancy, Right?

I just heard about a study that was first published at the end of last year that bothers me. It says that light drinking during pregnancy might be OK. What?? Go here to check it out. There are lots of things about pregnancy that can be confusing. People will flood you with advice that you have to weed through. Some people say don’t eat too much of something because it can lead to allergies, while other studies say the opposite. But, one thing I thought the whole world agreed on was that drinking during pregnancy is an absolute “No-No”. I … Continue reading

Don’t Lose Yourself When Baby Arrives

When someone gets married, they can easily lose their own identity in their marriage. The same thing can happen after baby arrives. But, it doesn’t have to. Right now, while you are still pregnant and baby free, it’s a good time to do some self-reflection. Think about what makes you the person you are right now aside from growing another life inside you. What makes you happy? What is it that you love to do? Who are you? Keeping a journal is a good way to answer these questions. Spend an evening alone, and really ponder what has made your … Continue reading

Boy or Girl? Can Your Symptoms Tell You?

All the time you hear people say things like, “I can tell you’re having a girl by the way you are carrying.” or “Heartburn? Oh it must be a boy!” Can you really guess the sex of your baby based on your symptoms? I have had a girl and a boy. My pregnancy with my daughter was pretty uneventful, but uncomfortable nonetheless. I had nausea during the first trimester, but no vomiting. My sickness always came on during late afternoon. Never in the morning. I was starving when I woke up in the morning, and had no problem eating breakfast, … Continue reading

Schedule an Induction?

It seems that there is a growing trend to have your baby on a certain date. Maybe your doctor has a trip coming up and you want to make sure that he is there when you deliver, or there is a holiday weekend that would be super convenient for your husband’s work schedule. Maybe, you want the baby to share a birthday with a relative, or think it would be cool for your baby to be born on a certain day like, 01/11/11. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to be induced, you might want to look at a recent … Continue reading

Lose Weight Before Getting Pregnant?

If you know that you are going to be trying to have a baby soon, it sounds crazy to think of trying to lose weight first. What’s the point right? However, I did that with both of my kids. I lost about 20 lbs. before getting pregnant with both of them because I wanted to be at my healthiest when trying to conceive. Does your weight make a difference? Trying to conceive when you are overweight can be more difficult. But, not always. Many women who are overweight experience hormone problems that result in irregular ovulation cycles. This can lead … Continue reading