Documenting the American Dream

Summer is primetime for moving. What’s more, with the record-low interest rates currently being offered on home loans, an increasing amount of renters are taking the leap into home ownership. Purchasing a home for the first time is a major milestone in a person’s life and warrants thorough documentation. If you are a scrapbooker, then this new chapter in your life is especially momentous as you can use it to create a memory book you will treasure forever. Crafting a new home-themed scrapbook is not as challenging as it may sound. Actually, if you document the process from start to … Continue reading

He Loves Me Anyway

It’s been a hard last six months. Okay, it’s been a hard last two years. We’ve had ups and downs – lots of downs – and mostly centered around me and my health (and my frustration about my health). You know what’s amazing to me? My husband loves me anyway. He knows that I can’t be defined by all this stuff that’s happened. He knows that’s not really me. And he knows that if he’s patient, I will return to who I once was. That’s one of the biggest secrets in marriage, I think. We need to look past our … Continue reading

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Tick-tock, tick-tock… the countdown to Mother’s Day is on, and if you are planning to make mom a gift from the heart with your two hands, then you had better get started. Homemade gifts may seem a bit trifle when mom is asking for a Dyson, but that shouldn’t stop you from putting your all into a gift that mom can treasure forever. Some keepers include: Frames: No mom can resist a photo of her kids. Or better yet, a picture of her and her kids together. However, instead of gifting mom with a plain photo, why not kick it … Continue reading

Free at Last

She is known to many as the most annoying mother on the face of the earth. And by many I mean Jon Gosselin… and a few more. Yes, the Gosselin eight (plus Kate) are back in the news, but this time the headlines are good… at least for the kids… and the millions of parents and parenting experts who thought that the family’s reality TV show was a severe detriment to Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel. The Gosselin’s fraternal twins and superstar sextuplets may have finally seen the last of their film crew. According to reports, … Continue reading

Like vs. Love

“You don’t love me anymore!” The words launched out of my daughter’s mouth like a heat-seeking missile aimed directly at my heart. She was three. I was stunned. Her verbal attack was a retort to my unwavering demand that she put away her wooden puzzles and get into bed RIGHT.NOW.MISSY. Her first reaction was to kick and whine, like an overtired three-year-old. My first reaction was to ignore the flailing arms and tears, and redirect her attention to the hallway which leads to her bedroom. When the tantrum elevated to include ear-piercing screams and flying puzzle pieces I bent down, … Continue reading

Music, Love and Labor

The first time I fell in love, I was sitting in a pile of overstuffed pillows underneath my dorm room loft. My husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, had watched a movie with me on my tiny TV and the credits had long since rolled. The pillow pile, a college budget attempt at a sofa, was our favorite spot. I threw on a CD, and while our favorite song played, I realized, “this is it… this is where I belong.” That song would be played again in front of all our friends and family while we danced for … Continue reading

The Legal Woes of Courtney Love and Maradona

I was reading today about how Courtney Love has been sued because of her online rants. Oh no, I thought to myself! Maybe I should be more careful when blogging because I know at times I can be harsh. But, then I read exactly what Courtney had been saying and I think I am doing okay. Love is being sued by fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir, aka the Boudoir Queen. Simorangkir is seeking damages for libel, invasion of privacy, intentional interference with her business, infliction of emotional distress and breach of contract. Simorangkir also says that Love has never paid her … Continue reading

When You Love Someone

When you love someone it doesn’t matter what you do. Just being together is enough. Saturday was one of those together days and evenings for Mick and me. While the washing was in the machine, immediately after breakfast we went to the local markets where we bought fresh fruit from the orchard and those vegetables, Mick hasn’t got ready in our own garden, we bought fresh from the market garden. We also found a Christmas gift at one of the stalls and then Mick bought me a silver bracelet for no reason except that I admired it. He’s a sweetie … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Love Stories: Be Grateful You’re Not Married to Spencer Pratt

If you’re not a fan of The Hills, you may not have any idea who Spencer Pratt or his girlfriend Heidi Montag are. Er…except it’s not right to say Heidi’s his girlfriend anymore. After breaking up during last season, they got back together this season. Worse (I say that because I can’t stand Spencer and am in the camp that thinks Heidi’s making a big mistake staying with him), news broke last night that the pair eloped to Mexico just a few days ago and are now married. None of Heidi’s family was there. Nor were any of her friends. … Continue reading

Howard Stern and American Idol’s LaKisha Jones Wed (but not each other)

It was a big weekend for celebrity weddings. After Scarlett Johannson and Ryan Reynolds’ hush-hush wedding a week ago, Howard Stern and new wife Beth Ostrosky did it up big. The couple married in New York on Friday with such guests as Donald Trump, Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Kimmel, Chevy Chase, Joan Rivers, Barbara Walters, and Billy Joel looking on. Rumor has it that Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos, is an ordained minister and he officiated the ceremony. The couple started planning the big event last December. Romance was the theme with 2000 weeping willows filled with white orchids hanging over the … Continue reading