Kid’s Crafts Week in Review: September 18-24

There were six crafts this week, involving everything from candy to playing cards, and here they are at a glance: Candy Airplane Craft This project can be made just for a fun treat or it can be used for party favors. It’s great to give and receive something fun, creative and different. There pretty simple, and you can decorate the to make them look cool. Fall Crafts: Framed Poetry and Leaf Art Do you or your child write poetry? If not, don’t worry. You can simply use a poem or an inspirational that you print from the computer for this … Continue reading

Fun With Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are good for a lot more than just shooting at your brother. Here are some craft ideas that are almost “instant”. They don’t even need glue or anything messy! All you need is some colorful rubber bands and something to put them on. Here I started with a candle, a plastic container, and a gift box. You can also use the rubber band idea on vases, pencil cups, and flower pots. To decorate them all, stretch rubber bands around them. It’s that easy. Kids like to do this so much that you may have to hide the rubber … Continue reading