Wesley Snipes Gets 3 Years for Tax Evasion

Here is word of warning – just don’t mess with the Internal Revenue Service! They got Al Capone when no one else could and now, they got Wesley Snipes. That is right – it looks as if actor Wesley Snipes is headed to jail for three years for failing to file federal tax returns. He received his sentencing today. In addition to the three years (which was the maximum sentence possible under federal guidelines), he will be fined up to $5 million. Ouch. Snipes had been charged with felony conspiracy counts, saying he participated in a scheme that rejects the … Continue reading

Celebrities In Trouble: Wesley Snipes

Wesley, Wesley, Wesley…you are a good actor. You are great at action films like Passenger 57 and the Blade trilogy. You were funny in Major League. Heck, I even enjoyed your performance in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. I know you have a few run-ins with the trouble in the past. In 2004, Christopher Williams said it was you, not him that beat Halle Barry so badly she lost part of her hearing in one ear. Also in 2004, Lanise Pettis claimed you were the father of her child, but a paternity test later showed that was … Continue reading

Rollie Fingers – The IRS is Calling!

If you grew up in the 70s and watched baseball on television as I did, chances are you remember who Rollie Fingers is. He was memorable for several things, but as a child, I remembered just two – his odd name and his mustache. He had one of those funny handlebar mustaches that curl up on each end. He was also a great pitcher, which I can now recognize as an adult. He was in the major leagues for 17 years and used first as a reliever (a pitcher who comes in after the starting pitcher is either hurt, tired, … Continue reading

Celebrity News Week in Review for November 3, 2006

The celebrity news you may have missed! 10. Christopher Reeve’s Children Carry on His Foundation Christopher Reeve’s children, Alexandra, Matthew, and Will, are going to serve on the board of his Paralysis Foundation. What an incredible family this is! 9. Wesley Snipes Reaches a Settlement with the IRS As I reported earlier, Wesley Snipes was in trouble with the IRS over fraudulent tax returns. The star was in Namibia on a film location, but agreed to a payment plan, which will keep him from serving any jail time. 8. Eddie Izzard Quits “24” I was excited that one of my … Continue reading

Celebrity News Week in Review for October 20, 2006

The celebrity news you may have missed! 10. Katie’s Armani Gown Armani’s Media Planning Department has said that famed designer Giorgio Armani has been asked to design Katie Holmes’ wedding dress. Is it just me or are you wondering why it is taking so long for this wedding to occur? 9. Divorce for Sara Evans If you have been watching “Dancing with the Stars” (and even if you haven’t!), you have heard that contestant/country singer Sara Evans had to drop out because she is going through a divorce. Hopefully they can work things out for their three children. 8. Vince … Continue reading