Charlie Sheen Resurfaces

We haven’t heard much from the old Vatican Assassin lately, but in my opinion, love Charlie Sheen though I do, that has been a good thing. However, this week, he’s been back with a mellower, calmer vengeance. Sheen was a presenter at the 63rd Emmy Awards last Sunday night. As he walked on stage, you could almost hear Hollywood holding its breath. Would he make an idiot out of himself as he has so many times in the past year? Would he rant and rave at Chuck Lorre or someone from “Two and a Half Men?” Would he physically attack … Continue reading

Charlie Sheen Flops…then Prevails!

Charlie Sheen kicked off his “My Violent Torpedo of Truth./Defeat is not an Option” tour this weekend and apparently it was either a horrible flop or a smashing success, depending on which show you saw. The first night of Sheen’s tour was in Detroit and by all reports, it did not go well. All 4,700 seats of the Fox Theater were sold out, but the warm up comedian, Kurt Fox, failed to work up the crowd. He was booed so much that Sheen had to come out and calm them down. Sheen brought out the goddesses (Bree Olsen and Natalie … Continue reading

Charlie Sheen’s Not the Only One to Lose His Mind – Part 1

Remember the good old days when Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan were what you talked about around the water cooler? Yes, we thought they were as low as a celebrity could go, but just when you think that, someone else comes along to lower the bar. Right now, that person is Charlie Sheen. As my husband said the other day, Sheen’s gone so whacko that he wouldn’t be surprised if Sheen showed up with a swastika carved into his forehead, a la another infamous Charlie (Manson for those who don’t get the joke). In case you missed the Sheen meltdown … Continue reading

Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab

My family loves “Two and a Half Men,” as do millions of Americans, but I always point out that Charlie Sheen gets paid almost $2 million an episode for playing Charlie Sheen. And the thing is, he can get away with things no other celebrity can and still have the public loves him because they love the scoundrel he plays on “Two and a Half Men” so much. Take for example the past trouble Charlie has been in. Fifteen years ago, Charlie was named as one of the clients of infamous Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. He dated porn stars in … Continue reading

Richie Sambora Enters Rehab

Well, it certainly is not a first in the rock music world, but 47-year-old Richie Sambora, guitarist for Bon Jovi, has entered an undisclosed treatment facility (read “rehab”) in Los Angeles. It was not disclosed what type of treatment Sambora would be receiving from the facility. However, Bon Jovi is scheduled to perform on the “Today” show on June 19th and the show’s executive producer Jim Bell said he would appear with the band. Bon Jovi released their new album, titled Lost Highway, to stores today. It is unknown whether the treatment will affect the bands tour dates, which start … Continue reading

Are They In or Out of Rehab?

Today, guessing correctly if a celebrity is in or out of rehab has become a bit of a game, thanks to Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. The whole media circus following these two has reduced them to merely being famous for being famous. Do you actually remember Britney’s last hit? Yeah, me neither. So today, we are going to play the “Are They In or Out of Rehab” game. Let’s see how you do: Britney Spears Well, as of the latest report, Britney is now out of rehab…again. Earlier this week, it was reported that she entered and left rehab … Continue reading

Appreciate What You Have

Keeping up with the Joneses is something that contributes to a lot of people’s drowning in debt. Even though it is a violation of the Tenth Commandment, people still want the things that other people have. Appearances are everything. If someone else appears to have it all, others want it too. Unfortunately, we can only see what’s on the outside. We are not privy to what goes on in other people’s bedrooms or the state of the bills that arrive in other people’s mailboxes. I want success and wealth as much as the next person. Maybe not wealth so much … Continue reading

Happy National Margarita Day!

Do like Pink and raise your glass. Today is National Margarita Day! (Thanks for the reminder CBS News.) For some parents every day should be National Margarita Day… for others it is. We all know some moms and dads who joke that their children drive them to drink, but is the statement really something to laugh at? If you are neglecting your kid because you are too busy imbibing in an all-day happy hour, then you have major issues that reach well beyond a day that recognizes a popular alcoholic beverage. However, if you are like most parents, then lubricating … Continue reading

Pre-Tween Crushes

I used to think my dream guy was an amalgamation of Michael J. Fox, Jason Bateman and JFK Jr., but now I think he is more a mixture of Anderson Cooper, Richard Engel and Dean Cain… though I could be wrong. Still, a crush is a crush, and the feelings I had for Jason Bateman when I was in junior high school are as real as the ones swooning Justin Bieber fans have today. Yes, I kissed a life-size cut-out of “The Hogan Family” star and drooled over magazine photos of the former president’s hunk of a son; however, I … Continue reading

Pop Culture Round Up – January 31, 2011

We have almost made it through the first month of the year and so how much has happened. Charlie Sheen is in rehab, but David Arquette just came out, of rehab that is. And Lindsay Lohan – where is she? As it stands right now, Lindsay is both out of rehab and jail for right now. However, she has another court hearing on February 25th, so anything can happen. But, you may be glad to know that TMZ is reporting that Lindsay is glad Charlie has gone to rehab because she is worried about him. Worried about him? Wow, what … Continue reading