Chasing Happiness

“Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.” –Thoreau After my divorce I was searching for anything that could bring some sort of happiness into my life. My identity had become so wrapped up in my marriage that without it I felt completely empty. I searched for anything that could alleviate the pain I was feeling. The harder I searched, the less I found, and the more frustrated I became. I felt like because … Continue reading

Happiness Is…

On Friday Mick and I spent a lovely day. In the morning I finally made our Christmas cakes. You’ll find the recipe of one of them on yesterday’s food blog. The other one went up earlier. On Wednesday I put two lots of fruit intended for two Christmas cakes to soak in port but since Thursday was close to 104 degrees, I decided to leave it till the next day when it was supposed to turn cooler. Thankfully it did. So the cakes got made. Mick meanwhile was busy card making. He’s been working on family birthday cards for the … Continue reading


When I first got divorced I couldn’t dream of ever forgiving my ex. I was incredibly hurt and was suffering consequences for decisions that I had no part of. I was angry at my situation and at the person that had put me there. As time went on I could feel the burden getting heavier and heavier. I was walking around with this weight on my shoulders that was preventing me from feeling any kind of real happiness in my life. I truly wanted to find happiness again, but I soon realized that I would never be able to fully … Continue reading

Making Summer Flying Bearable

Airports don’t exactly spell f-u-n, especially during the chaotic summer travel season. However, there are ways you can make your layovers bearable by following a few simple tips: Hang at an airline lounge: Amenity-filled airline lounges are typically reserved for first-class passengers or business flyers who have accrued a few million miles criss-crossing the globe. Fortunately, these days you can gain access to these elite rooms even if you are flying with an economy-class ticket. For example, if you are a member of Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge, Continental’s Presidents Club, United’s Red Carpet Club, or the US Airways club, … Continue reading

Favorite Phases

When daughter was a toddler she absolutely adored watching Blues Clues. However, most of her viewing came courtesy of DVDs which I would have to set-up for her. By the time she was three, my daughter knew that it required a few button presses by mom before Blue and crew would show up on our television screen. While I adjusted settings, my daughter would grab her stuffed Elmo chair and settle in the middle of the living room smack in front of the TV. She would wait anxiously as I powered up the TV and DVD, made some menu selections … Continue reading

Consumerism and Mental Health

Just about every female I know is exhausted at the moment. The reason? Christmas and its after affects. While nervous exhaustion can be brought on by having to deal with families over the holiday period, this physical exhaustion is associated with shopping for gifts, cooking extra meals and the sheer work involved in organizing that once-a-year present and food extravaganza that Christmas has become. Ask many people what Christmas means to then and the answer goes something like this: A constellation of frantic demented activities by parents (usually the mother) over what to buy their children for Christmas. Trying to … Continue reading

Frugal Month in Review: September 2008

Now that September is come and gone and the kiddies are settled back into school and regular routines, it is time to welcome the fall. Still, there is plenty of good stuff that went on in September, including a bunch of ways to save money. September 1st Frugal Living Week in Review: August 25th Through August 31st Food and back to school are the two things on my mind this week. I e-mailed my son’s teacher ahead of time to ask about additional supplies that she might need for the classroom. She said that she usually asks parents for antibacterial … Continue reading

Material Effects on a Marriage

We live in a very material world. Like Barbie, there are many material girls out there. We usually give these ladies the label of being “high maintenance”. By using that term, we typically are referring to a woman who needs the best of everything. She expects to be pampered and have someone at her beck and call at all times. While not all wives fit this description, in many cases, material items do have a great effect on the happiness of a marriage. I think that we would all like to say that as long as we have each other … Continue reading

Frugal Living Week in Review: March 10th Through March 16th

Do you know how to cut your grocery bill? What about practicing debt management? With these uncertain economic times, it is important to save money and resources where you can. I hope that the past week’s frugal articles will help you to accomplish some great saving goals. Here is the Frugal Living week in review for March 10th through March 16th. March 10th Frugal Bunny Costume Want a great idea for Easter? Why not make up a frugal bunny costume with no sewing involved at all? Frugal Living Week in Review: March 3rd Through March 9th Do you know why … Continue reading

What I’ve Learned About Money and How I Learned It

You can pick up knowledge in a lot of different places. You can learn about how and what to spend your money on from watching television, hanging out with your friends, and from watching your parents. I haven’t really shared how I’ve learned what I know about money. So I thought I would give you a quick rundown of my experiences of what I’ve learned, why and how. I learned the importance of thrift and the clearance sales from my mother. When I was young she was an excellent bargain hunter. In fact she still is. From her I learned … Continue reading