The Eight Biggest Laundry Mistakes 2

Yesterday, after I posted the first part of this subject, we got a lot of interesting comments! Go check out the post if you haven’t seen it: The Eight Biggest Laundry Mistakes. Now, let us continue. The red sock mistake. How many of use have accidentally let a red sock or other item in with the lights or whites, which means again that you’ll have that pink underwear. Not checking for stains before washing. My husband frequently comes home with pen marks on his shirts. With a little careful pretreatment, I can usually get them out, but not if they … Continue reading

The Eight Biggest Laundry Mistakes

You have to approach laundry as a diligent task. Otherwise you may wind up with clothes that need to be rewashed, or worse, replaced. Bad laundry habits can also lead to your clothing wearing out sooner than it should. At one time or another I’ve made all of the following laundry mistakes. And hey, sometimes when I am in a rush to get “Mount Washmore” done, I still do make these mistakes, as you will see. But I wanted to share them with you in the hopes that you can avoid these mistakes whenever possible. Yesterday morning, my eldest was … Continue reading

How Do You Sort Laundry?

All across the land, people are hiding a dirt little secret…their laundry. One thing I have discovered lately, is that people are reluctant to talk about how they do their laundry, when and how often they do their laundry and how they sort it all. Why is this? Keep reading and then share your thoughts. I often ask people how they do their laundry, partly because I am just curious and partly because I want some reassurance that I am doing it the right way. But laundry is personal. Not only is it the evidence of our real life personal … Continue reading

The Difference Between Being Frugal and Being Cheap

Do you know the difference between being frugal and being cheap? They are not the same thing. Here are some ways to tell, or at least explain, the difference. In the past, many people used the words cheap and frugal interchangeably. Someone who saved money was automatically cheap, a tightwad, a skinflint. Today, frugal is actually coming into style. As the economy and the environment changes, people are embracing the idea of saving money. But sometimes people are motivated to save money at the expense of the good of others. This in my opinion is being cheap. There is a … Continue reading

Five Tips for Laundry Bleach

Chlorine bleach can be a lifesaver for your laundry. I can’t count the number of times that it saved a hand-me down dress from being tossed out or rescued dingy socks after being used on the dingy garage floor. How do you use chlorine bleach? Here are five tips that will help you make the most of bleach without weakening or ruining your clothes. 1. Check to make sure that your fabrics can withstand bleach. Just because they are white does not mean that they should be bleached. In general, the following fabrics can often be bleached: acrylic, cotton, linen, … Continue reading

Large Family Laundry Solutions (1)

If you have a large family (generally defined as at least six or seven members of the family living together), you know how chaotic and busy the laundry room can be. Washing and drying clothes for a lot of people can keep you busy, especially if you have young children who seem to need several changes of clothing a day. Here are some tips to make your laundry a little less hard to handle. And those of use with smaller families (we are a family of five) can also use these tips. Easy sorting One of the toughest things about … Continue reading

More Cheap Laundry Tricks

Want to make your clothes last longer or have stubborn stains come out even if you are away from home at the time? Try these cheap laundry tricks that are sure to make you save some money. And if you missed the first blog about Cheap Laundry Tricks, just click here. To save wear and tear on your clothing, wash and dry it inside out. This way the inside of the garments get the stress from the agitation and the right sides of the garments are protected, The clothes will still get absolutely clean by this method. If you have … Continue reading

Cheap Laundry Tricks

There is no need to rely on expensive top-of-the-line washing machines and detergents to get your clothes clean. Not when you have some frugal tricks up your sleeve, um, I mean in your laundry basket. If you watch the television commercials, they seem to imply that you’ll never get your clothes really clean unless your washing machine has enough dials, buttons and levers to launch the space shuttle. the same is true for those “super” detergents that are full of the latest chemicals. One thing they all have in common is that they are expensive. If you don’t want to … Continue reading

Homemade Oxygen Cleaner

With three children, laundry is always a challenge. First there is the hunting through the house for stray socks, finding wet towels wherever they land, and digging through the bottom of the hall closet for dusty jackets and sweatshirts that fell from the hangers. After the laundry is gathered and sorted, anything with a stain needs to be addressed, which probably accounts for at least a third of the children’s clothing in any given week. I have my arsenal of tools. The stain pre-treaters, the better powdered detergent I swear by, the utility sink for soaking. One tool that works … Continue reading

Need a Frugal Vacuum Solution

Can you come up with a creative solution to help me save my vacuum? Most of our family life, we have been living with hard floors in our homes. We usually prefer hardwood, but will take tile for bathrooms and for the kitchen. When we moved into our current home, there was a dingy carpet covering the front hallway and the living room, and another covering the bathroom floor. We quickly pulled up the living room carpet and finally got rid of the one in the bathroom as well. However, since the time that we have moved in, my husband … Continue reading