Setting Good Health Examples For Our Kids

Keeping things healthy is definitely NOT easy in the daily life of a busy family—while we may have all the best intentions to make sure our kids eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise, we may be sending them a completely different message with how we pay attention to our own health. Setting a good example of a healthy lifestyle can be the most important thing we do to ensure our own children will lead healthy lives. It seems pretty obvious that whether or not we smoke, and how we approach drinking and other substances will influence our … Continue reading

Happy Halloween! Monsters & Ghouls & Workouts Oh My!

Good morning and Happy Halloween – if you’re like most families, you’re probably laying in the candy to hand out to the trick or treaters tonight. Be sure to incorporate some other items to give out so that you aren’t overloading the kids with too much candy. Little canisters of play-doh or other small toys like plastic rings are a great idea for the trick or treat crowd. Still others of you are probably going to be on the run getting the kids ready for their Halloween parties at school (not to mention that school is going to be on … Continue reading

Kid Fitness: Myths about Overweight Children

Genuine concern exists for parents about the weight of their children. We hear a news story every single day about childhood obesity. We hear about what we need to be afraid of and in some cases, what we need to do as parents to protect our children. Today, I want to talk about some of the myths associated with overweight children. Childhood Obesity Needs a Quick Fix It would be nice if there were an instant fix to all fitness issues, especially obesity. It would be great if there were a fast answer for us much less our children. It’s … Continue reading

Kids & Strength Training

This is more of an ethical question for you than a fitness related one. In general, exercise is good for kids and adults alike. But weight training in young children demands more than a few questions other than what weights to start with. For example, if you are wondering whether your child would benefit from weight training or not, then here is some information that may help you. In general, children can start this at any age. From the moment they are first learning to hoist their toys, they are weight lifting. But if they are weight training with hand … Continue reading

The Good News & The Bad News

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) there is good news from the frontlines of the war on obesity. Personally, I dislike the term war on obesity – and battle of the bulge is just so much not better. Let’s just say that statistics indicate that the number of women considered obese has not risen since a 2000 survey. While women are still heavy or obese – there is stabilization of the number across the board. The bad news on the other hand is that the number of obese children rose from 14% to 17% and the number of … Continue reading

Exercise and Diet Together Help Weight Loss

Thinking about losing some weight? You’ve probably found tons of advice that suggests how to do that. Some of it might contradict the other pieces of advice. Those of you who are confused about what the best plan for weight loss is may want to consider what a recent study found. It turns out you need to focus on both exercise and diet together. A Stanford study about weight gain and obesity was making the rounds on the internet recently. The lead author of the study was Dr. Uri Ladabaum, a Stanford gastroenterologist. In short, he describes the results as … Continue reading

Why I Cheated On My Diet

Nobody is perfect. I managed to get through the first two weeks of the Atkins diet without (really) cheating on it. Then, on the first day of week three, I totally went over the amount of carbs I was supposed to stay under. Were my reasons for doing so good ones? Or, did I get weak and fail? When I first started the Atkins diet, I was very excited to see what this experience would be like. I had a goal weight I wanted to hit, and a very strong motivation to lose it. My sister was getting married, and … Continue reading

Eating Disorders – Mixed Messages

As I was reading up on some recent research I came across two related to eating disorders/weight, and while reading them I realized how many mixed messages we are sending. One was about a spike in eating disorders in older women while the other focused on the link between body weight and personality. While I found the information in both articles interesting, there were pieces that were almost contradictory in nature. It got me thinking about the messages we send out about eating disorders. We complain about living in a culture obsessed with thinness, and often blame the media and … Continue reading

Nutrition Made Easy

Are you at a loss as to how you should be eating healthy? The new food pyramid website can show you how. At you can learn about anything pertaining to healthy eating. This website will let you know what you should weigh, what you should be eating and how much you should be eating. You can track your weight and activity on My Pyramid as well. At My Pyramid you will be taken inside the pyramid to discover what food groups and how much of each are recommended. There are tips and resources available to answer any of your … Continue reading

Helping Your Child to Lose Weight

Have you noticed additional pounds creeping up on your child? Childhood obesity is a major health problem and preventing it before it starts is ideal. If you child has added a few extra pounds recently it is best to head off any more weight gain before it gets out of control. If you child is already overweight you can help him to lose the weight that he needs in order to get healthier. Here are a few tips on helping your child to lose weight: Do not use the word “diet”. It is best to obliterate that word from your … Continue reading