Words that have been Turned into Baby Names

What will you name your baby? That question is one that most parents take very seriously. Much consideration goes into choosing a name for a newborn. It is understandable that parents want their child to have a unique name. Perhaps this is why many parents in 2014 selected a random word as the name for their babies. Nameberry took a close look at the names parents gave to their babies in 2014. They put together a list of baby names that are words. In short, parents chose a commonly used word, that has a specific meaning, as the name for … Continue reading

Your Child’s Name Could Impact His or Her Future

Would a Rose, by any other name, smell just a sweet? Perhaps Rose’s parents would think so. They obviously have very positive associations with the name that brings to mind a beautiful flower. Other people may not look upon her name quite so favorably. Research suggests that a person’s name shapes the course of his or her life. Parents have so many factors to consider when choosing a name for a new baby. Should you name the baby after a relative? Would a name that is currently cool be a good idea? How about a name that reflects your family’s … Continue reading

How a Domain Name Could Help Connect Family

Keeping in touch with family members who live far away from you is much easier today, thanks to the internet. Many genealogists use Skype to communicate, and WordPress for their family history blog. A new idea is to purchase a domain name for your family, or for one of your children. What is a domain name? It is a name that is specific to one physical point on the internet. It is also called an IP address. Typically, a company that is setting up a website will try and buy a domain name that has something to do with the … Continue reading

Excited For A Family Reunion

In a little less than a month, I will be attending the first family reunion that I have attended in a long time. It is definitely the first one that I will attend with my two boys. I am excited about making the trip to Connecticut to see my mother – in – law’s family. That is the group of people who are reuniting. My mother – in – law’s maiden name is Blake, so it is the Blake family reunion. Interestingly enough, the two youngest attendees at this reunion have the family name incorporated into their names. My husband’s … Continue reading

Sharing Your Research

Many genealogists spend a lot of time and effort on their research. That is all well and good, but if you are one of those genealogists, wouldn’t it be nice if other people in your family were able to appreciate some of the work that you have done to document their ancestry? If you would like to share your findings with your family but you are at a loss for how to do so, here are some ideas. Genealogy makes a great gift. Actually, it can make several wonderful types of gifts which can be adapted for various occasions. Summer … Continue reading

Choosing A Family Name For Your Baby

Many people turn to their family’s past when they are looking for a name for their baby. Including family names in the names of your children is a wonderful way to honor members of your family both past and present. That said, using family names can be a bit of a tricky situation to navigate. For example, some people are easily offended. If you choose a name from one side of the family and not the other, someone’s feathers may be ruffled. As hard as it may be to deal with the ruffled feathers, the decision about your baby’s name … Continue reading

Choosing A Stroller For Your Baby

One item that you might be thinking about including in your baby registry is a stroller. I struggled with the decision to add a stroller to my baby registry because it is a larger gift than most people’s budgets could accommodate. I added one after my mother pointed out that with many stores that have baby registries, you can purchase items from your registry at a discount if you do not receive them as gifts. A group of my aunts surprised me by pooling their resources to purchase my stroller as a baby shower gift. The variety of strollers that … Continue reading

Naming Your Baby

You may not think of genealogy as something that is affected by trends. However, there are some trends that your descendants will be talking about long after the trends have come and gone. Why? Because trends for baby naming become part of the information that is recorded as part of your family’s history. Naming a baby is no small task. Each set of parents must decide what kinds of things are important to them when selecting their children’s names. For example, is there a favorite relative whom you would like to honor by choosing their name as a child’s first … Continue reading

What Names Run in Your Family?

You don’t necessarily have to be a genealogist to notice that certain names in your family tree appear more than once. Obviously, surnames are going to be connected to a lot of people. Often, you will find that a first name, or a middle name, is handed down from one generation to the next. What names run in your family? I come from a huge family. I have honestly lost count of how many cousins I have. Both my mother’s side of the family tree, and my father’s side of it, come from long lines of very fertile people. It … Continue reading

Name Calling

Choosing a name for your baby can be an interesting experience. Different couples have different ways of approaching the problem. Some try and come up with a list of names both like, or two lists of names and then whittle it down from there to names they both are happy with. To me this has always seemed a sensible approach and is what we did when naming our two children. But not all couples manage the situation this way. Recently I heard of a couple and the husband wanted a specific name which the wife hated. In the end the … Continue reading