Making Words For Your Scrapbook Layouts

Using words in your scrapbooking layouts is quite the rage right now. It is very in style and can tell a story without actual journaling. From dictionary definitions, to simple words throw around a layout, adding words or phrases can create an eye catching layout that simply makes the pages unique. Words, entire alphabets or just a portion of them, phrases and quotes can be incorporated into your scrapbook pages using such items as letter stickers, letter or word rub-ons and letter, word or phrase rubber stamps. You can also use your computer and printer to get the same effect … Continue reading

Using Watercolor Pencils With Your Stamps

The ease and versatility of a water color pencil is amazing. There are so many cool ways to use water color pencils in your art, which can then be turned into scrapbook layouts and cards to give to others. They are very simple to use, easy to locate at a variety of stores, as well as being fairly inexpensive. I would like to show you how cool using water color pencils to color in your stamped images can be. There are several ways that you can use water color pencils to achieve different effects in your artwork. To begin with, … Continue reading

Coloring Your Stamped Images

Once you have stamped an image onto a piece of paper or cardstock, there are several things you can do, or not do. We will discuss these ideas and you can choose the one that works best for your project. A stamped image can look great all by itself, but most stampers and scrapbookers decide to color in their image or alter the image in some way. Many choose colored stamp pads to add the color that way. For the sake of this article, we are going to assume that you are looking for different ways to color in the … Continue reading

Wood Stamp Storage and Organization Tips

Wooden stamps have been around a very long time, long before scrapbookers were using them in their albums. So how do you store these little wooden items? It isn’t as cut and dry as the acrylic stamps since wooden stamps tend to take up so much more space, and if you have a lot you are looking at some serious space needs. For years I have been looking for that perfect solution, but long ago I realized that it is totally a personal choice. So what might work for me, might not work for you and so forth. Here is … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Week in Review for April 1-6, 2008 with a Few Extras

I don’t know what it was like for you in your neck of the woods this past weekend, but our area was absolutely beautiful and was the closest resemblance to Spring that we’ve had since last year. We got some flowers planted, grass seed poured and enjoyed the outdoors as much as we could. Days like those are hard to find to scrapbook, because you want to enjoy the weather, but you can always do it at night or early in the morning. Remember to make time for it, while still enjoying the beautiful weather. Here is what has been … Continue reading

Using the Back of an Acrylic Stamp to Create Backgrounds

Acrylic stamps or clear stamps are some of the most popular stamps right now. They are much easier to use, organize and store than the traditional wood and rubber stamps. Plus, there are a variety of different uses they have that wood stamps just don’t. Let me show you one of my favorite ways to use an acrylic stamp. I love making backgrounds with the backside of my acrylic stamps. It gives the stamped image an extra pop that it might not have had otherwise. Plus there is no need to color in the image, because its done for you … Continue reading