Simple Tips to Help Maintain a Healthy Marriage

Today we’re going to look at some simple tips to maintain a healthy marriage. When you receive good news who is the first person you want to share it with? Is it your spouse? When an early morning phone call this week told me that I had been awarded second prize in a poetry competition, I couldn’t wait to get off the phone and tell Mick. He is always my first thought when I receive good news, because I know he will respond in an appropriate way and he did. His encouraging words left me feeling I was the cleverest … Continue reading

Great Home Tips

I’m always searching for great tips that I can use around the house. Sometimes the simplest solution is the most ingenious. When faced with a common problem, little household tips can come to the rescue. Here are some ideas that I have been thinking about or practicing lately. I keep a spray bottle with a half vinegar and half water mix under the bathroom sink, along with some soft rags. The spray bottle and rags make it easy to clean up the shower doors, the sink and anywhere in the bathroom in just a few minutes. Plus I know that … Continue reading

Tips in the Kitchen 3

Don’t you just love it when you find a tip that makes your time in the kitchen so much better? I’ve been sharing some of my best kitchen-related tips and strategies. While melting chocolate in a microwave can be more convenient than using a double boiler, it can quickly become a disaster. Chocolate burns easily. To help reduce the chances of this happening to your chocolate, use a clear glass bowl that will allow you to see the progress of the chocolate in the microwave. Heat it in 30-second intervals, and always stir it between heating times. Sometimes what looks … Continue reading

Tips in the Kitchen 2

Whether you want to spend more time in the kitchen or less, having an array of great kitchen tips on hand can make your time go by smoothly. Here are some more handy tips that you can use in and around the kitchen. You can reduce the sting in your eyes when cutting garlic by a number of ways. If you store your onions in the refrigerator, they will become sweet instead of stinky because some of the starch will convert into sugar (this will change the taste a bit, too). You can also make sure that your onion is … Continue reading

Tips in the Kitchen

Whether you are Betty Crocker or Mrs Take Out, kitchen tips can make your life easier. From cooking shortcuts to cleaning dilemmas solved, isn’t it nice to know that help is on its way? If you are cooking anything that contains milk, eggs and flour (such as pancakes or a sauce), rice or pasta, and things get sticky, here is a tip to clean those pans up easily. First soak the pan in cold water. Hot water can set the starch in these foods, making cleanup tougher. The easiest way to make pie dough for a pie crust is by … Continue reading

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

For a clean, bacteria-free kitchen without a lot of work, use the following tips. They will ensure that you have a safe, easy to maintain clean in one of the most important rooms of the house. Get them while you can Clean up little messes as they are made. It doesn’t take much more effort to put dishes into the dishwasher as it does to put dishes in the sink. If something spills, wipe it up right away. This will ensure that you don’t have sticky messes or overwhelming dishes that are much harder to deal with later. Clean in … Continue reading

More Clever Household Tips

Do you know the best way to vacuum or how to keep the roll of plastic wrap from falling out of it’s box? Sometimes it is the clever little tricks that make daily keeping of a home so much easier and more effective. Here are plenty of clever home tips that I bet you didn’t know about. On a roll Did you know that from the very beginning, those boxes that hold plastic wrap and aluminum foil were engineered to prevent the rolls from falling out when you are trying to rip off a piece of wrap or foil? It … Continue reading

Clever Household Tips

Do you know how to treat an underarm stain or stop the pain of a paper cut? Here are some clever household tips for you to try out at home. Underarm stains Underarm stains can be so frustrating. You’ve tried all sorts of cleaners, including bleach and Oxyclean, right? Here is a little trick that seem to get the job done for t-shirts and other cotton shirts. Dissolve nine aspirin into a cup of warm water. Saturate the stain with the solution and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes. Then launder your shirt as usual. Pencil stains … Continue reading

More Clever Cleanup Tools

It’s hard to think of cleaning the house as something that could ever actually be a product of your imagination, but sometimes it can be. Like any dysfunction worth its salt, an effective delusion depends on colorful characters and new and different surroundings and situations. Ponder the following heretofore unexpected and never in a million years considered cleanup tools. The Button Scraper: Upgrade your washcloths by sewing a large plastic or wooden button onto one corner of the cloth. Make sure you tell the coat or sweater you have taken it from that it will be right back. Buttons make … Continue reading

How to Clean a Cooler

With summer on its way, it is time to drag out the coolers and get them ready for backyard barbecues, picnics and days at the beach. But are you dreading opening your cooler because you are afraid of what you might find after a winter of storage? Here are some tips on how to clean your cooler. It seems as through we are forever cleaning out our cooler. One of the reasons for this is that we use our cooler on a regular basis throughout the year. It is handy to have it to bring along drinks and snacks when … Continue reading