Is Addiction In Your Genes?

Addiction is a very serious condition that affects about ten percent of the population. It affects people of all ethnicities, and all socioeconomic backgrounds. The consequences of addiction are diverse; it affects both physical and mental health and economic, social, and emotional well being. Our understanding of the workings of addiction has grown tremendously in recent years, as more and more research on addiction has been done. Research has shown that genetic predisposition to addiction, along with poor coping skills, are the two factors that determine whether an individual will struggle with addiction. Studies that were conducted by observing twins, … Continue reading

Cocaine: Tolerance, Dependence and Withdrawal

Cocaine is often taken in conjunction with other drugs to offset the negative side effects of the former. Hence tranquillizers, alcohol, marijuana, and heroin are often used to bring the user “down” and to help them sleep. This unfortunate situation means that the regular cocaine user who is dependent on the drug now finds him or herself dependent or a raft of other legal and illegal medications. Use of cocaine during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage, or if the baby is carried to full term, may result in a low birth weigh baby, premature delivery, and signs of cocaine … Continue reading

Cocaine: Side Effects and Long-term Effects

This is our second article on cocaine and looks at the common short-term side effects and long-term effects of regular usage. The effect of cocaine on the body is determined by a number of factors including how much is ingested, the purity of the supply, your weight and height, your general health, your mood at the time of ingesting the drug, your past experiences with cocaine and whether or not other drugs such as alcohol, are taken simultaneously. The immediate effects of cocaine ingestion are a feeling of confidence and wellbeing, a sensation of being excited, a propensity to take … Continue reading

Cocaine: Effects and Uses

In our continuing series on illegal drugs, today we look at cocaine in all its available forms. Cocaine is derived from the leaves of the coca plant which is indigenous to South America. A young Sigmund Freud wrote of its properties and noted that it warded off hunger and sleep and increased powers of concentration. Latin Americans chewed coca leaves for centuries to ward off hunger and fatigue and it was even an ingredient of Coca Cola until the 1920s. In small amounts, cocaine increases alertness, produces feelings of euphoria, raises heart rate and blood pressure and causes insomnia and … Continue reading

Street Drugs and Mental Health

Parents of teenagers often worry about their children becoming involved with drugs, and rightly so. Statistics show that, by the age of 20, the majority of young adults have either tried drugs on one or two occasions, take them on a regular basis, abuse drugs or are addicted to them. Knowledge is a valuable tool in a parent’s arsenal against drugs, as is knowing how to talk to your pre-teen and teenager about drugs. Just saying “no” to drugs isn’t always the best approach for a parent to take. Yet talking to your child about illegal drugs can be both … Continue reading