Who Cleans a Child’s Room?

So many details and realities of family life are up for debate—constant debate. Who cleans a child’s room is one of those controversial topics which, if you got ten different parents in a room together, you would likely have ten different opinions (or at least three or four different camps of opinions.) So, how does it work in your household? Some families let children have complete domain over their own rooms. This means that Mom and Dad just shut the door and leave the child to keep it clean—or not—depending on his or her own personal taste and style. In … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons You Should Let Your Child Have A Messy Room

1. It can enhance your child’s balance and coordination skills. As they have to weave around the objects on their floor, leap into bed, and scale the mound of clothes without slipping. 2. Memory skills are improved. As your child struggles to remember where they left their library book, under the bed or maybe on the desk, they are working their memory. After all doesn’t every parent want his or her child to develop a good memory? 3. Handyperson skills are developed. As they learn the fine art of unjamming a drawer that is stuffed too full of clothes. This … Continue reading

Combating A Messy Room

In a previous blog, I discussed why teens have a messy room and why it is important that they be allowed some independence in this area. For as Dr. Michelle Aycock reminds parents a teen’s room “is an expression of their personality. It is their sanctuary and it is not your responsibility to clean it.” But you can establish certain rules that govern the untidiness of their bedroom and expect them to abide by these rules. Here are some simple bedroom rules that you can establish: 1. There have to be clear paths in the room where a person can … Continue reading

Who Really WANTS to Deal with all the Icky Stuff?

Children are messy. They can even be incredibly gross, sticky, sloppy and smelly. Most of us don’t think about these little realities when we are planning to be parents—we think about cute, cherubic babies, watching children romp and play in the yard, tossing the baseball or kicking a soccer ball back and forth, or shopping for adorable outfits. The ickiness eludes us until we are knee-deep in ick…and then we adjust. As you might imagine, I am always a bit horrified when I hear stories of parents where one parent (I don’t want to be sexist here, but it has … Continue reading

Captain Clutter & The Baby Explorer

Are you compulsive about how you tidy up your home? Does your baby make you crazy because the more mobile he or she becomes, the messier they get? It’s hard to keep a room straight and neat when baby is busy dismantling your bookshelves or dumping their toys out everywhere. One of my daughter’s favorite activities was to pull out all of the clothes out of the laundry basket and dragging them everywhere. Clutter Teaches As hard as it may seem to believe, clutter teaches our little ones. It teaches them about the different textures and the different objects. Consider … Continue reading