Too Cold for a Garage Sale? Think Again

In my part of the country, when summer ends so do most of the garage sales. Notice that I said most. Because while you might not see any yard sale signs while driving around the town, there are plenty of garage sales out there, on weekends and on weekdays, if you know where to look. When the weather turns colder, the garage sales start to move indoors. They may be called by other names, such as barn sales, estate sales, outgrown sales, church sales or even moving sales. Instead of shopping from the lawn, you may do your shopping indoors, … Continue reading

How to Pick the Best Yard Sales

With gas prices these days, it doesn’t pay to drive around for yard sales where there are no great bargains to be had. You can actually wind up losing money that way. If you are going to hit the yard sales, you’ll want to target the best ones and avoid the duds. While sometimes there are unexpected surprises when it comes to yard sales, you can usually rely on a few guidelines to locate the best ones. Know the Keywords When you are scanning an ad or a sign for a yard sale, take a look at the words that … Continue reading

First Impressions Count at Yard Sales 2

Isn’t there a famous saying that says, “You only get one chance to make a first impression?” Well, this can also be true when it comes to yard sales. But why on earth would it be so important to make a good first impression when you are shopping and are willing to buy someone’s stuff? Well, let me tell you. When you are shopping at yard sales, it is good to be able to negotiate. And making a good first impression can help greatly with this. If you missed my earlier post on this topic, you can read about it … Continue reading

The Garage Sale Free and Cheapie Boxes

It isn’t too late to have your garage sale. The weather is still warm enough and people are still out there buying. You might be able to make enough for back to school supplies or even a new desk for your child. And it is great to have some extra cash for the upcoming holiday season. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about having a free and or a cheapie box at your yard sale. This is a box that contains items you are willing to give away for free or items that you are willing to let … Continue reading

Garage Sale Supplies: Shopping

Having the right supplies on hand when you are out shopping the garage sales can actually make a difference in how much you save and the deals that you can get. Being prepared can really make a difference. Make sure that you have the following items on hand before you make your garage sale rounds. My first piece of advice is to have as many of these items already in the car with you. Since you never know when you might come upon a great sale, this might be a good strategy. Of course, you can always fill a bag … Continue reading

Garage Sale Supplies

Whether you want to have a successful garage sale or clean up by shopping at one, there are several supplies that you should have on hand. These supplies will help you do well and save money. Let us start with the supplies that you will need when hosting a garage sale. If you are hosting a garage sale, it is important for you to display your goods in an attractive manner that encourages shopping. In order to do this, you should have lots of tables. Having things on tables sells more items than displaying them on the ground, with perhaps … Continue reading

Be Nice to Get Great Yard Sale Deals

Memorial weekend is one of the best times to hunt down those yard sale bargains, but even if you didn’t get a chance to get out there, there is still practically an entire summer ahead of you. Just think of all of the great bargains that you will find. Yard sales are fun because you never know what kind of treasures you may find. Yard sales can also be fun when you haggle. If you have ever had your own yard sale, you know that there are some people that you are willing to give really great bargains and others … Continue reading

How to Hold an Extreme Garage Sale

Desperate times can call for desperate measures. If you find yourself in a critical financial situation, it might be helpful to hold the mother of all yard sales. This can often raise a good chunk of money and help you get back on your feet. A friend of mine was recently confronted with a short term layoff that left him behind on his mortgage payment by two months. With no other way to raise enough money, he decided to take a look at his assets and see off whatever he could to raise the money he needed. In this case, … Continue reading

Down and Dirty Yard Sale Tips

Thinking about hosting a yard sale soon? Then you will really want to pay attention to the following tips. You’ll get the most impact for a successful and profitable yard sale if you follow this advice. Be a salesman When you are having your sale, be very friendly and outgoing. Greet anyone who comes to your sale, tell them that you are open to offers and available for help. Leave your guests alone to shop and don’t hover, but be within range in case they have questions. Offer some refreshments and a free table to draw people in and make … Continue reading

Organize a Neighborhood Garage Sale

Shopping and holding garage sales can be very frugal. But when you organize your garage sale into a neighborhood or multi-family sale, your tightwad ways can really pay off. It is a great time in our country to organize a neighborhood garage sale. Many people are newly discovering frugality and living simply, which means that more people are willing to get rid of excess possessions at garage sales or pick up new purchases second hand instead of running to the store. Having a neighborhood garage sale can pay off in a number of ways. First of all, it makes the … Continue reading