Trusting God Despite Hardship

Fiction reflects life to us, I believe. I’m an avid reader though not usually of Christian fiction. However, recently from our library I picked up ‘All the Days of My Life’ by Jo-Anne Berthelsen, published by Ark House Press. This is the third book I have read by Ark House Press and they have each been very different but all interesting. Although written as fiction, it was ‘inspired by the real-experiences of a post-war Czech immigrant to Australia.’ The book was also a sequel to Helena which I hadn’t read. It didn’t matter. I quickly became interested in the story … Continue reading

Seeking Inspiration for Christian Blogging

While driving home last night I asked the Lord to lay on my heart some topics to write about. As I settled in my home for the night I started getting a flood of ideas. The initial passion I had to share about the Lord came back to me. I get inspiration by: • Going to church • Looking at God’s creations • Past experiences • Books • Topics of debate • Specific scriptures • Current events • Needs of other people • Things I’d like to know more about • Studying the Word • Devotional time • My children … Continue reading

God’s 4:45 a.m. Message

At 7:20 last evening, my oldest son started complaining of his ear hurting. My husband decided while the urgent care was still opened, it would be better to get him in tonight and at least get him started on a prescription if he needed it. Sure enough, upon taking him in, the doctor said my son had a very red and swollen ear. Last night I was searching the house for Tylenol to give to my son as the Motrin alone wasn’t helping much. Those screams of pain coming from my son made me wish it was me there and … Continue reading

God’s Timing vs. Our Timing

You’ve been in prayer, repented of your sins, you are pleading with God very selflessly with faith, and nothing has been happening. Yes, it can be so frustrating. A friend of mine used to ask God if He was on a coffee break or something, because He wasn’t finding the urgency in a situation she was. Probably most of us have felt this way. Simply put, God does not work on our time. “…with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” (2 Peter 3:8). Our time often reflects impatience and/or selfish … Continue reading

Consulting With God First

Each day gives a new series of choices. We can come to decisions based on past experiences of our own or others’, we can weigh out the pros and cons of different choices, and we can go with our gut. Most of the daily decisions don’t necessarily have lasting impacts on our lives. For example; will we eat now or in an hour? Will we have Italian food or Mexican food? Will I wear the red dress or the black dress (though if you are concerned about modesty, maybe you should take further consideration)? I’m not convinced that God is … Continue reading

Communicating With God

Does God still talk with us? When we cry out to Him how can we be certain He hears us? It’s my belief that God is living and wants to have a relationship with His children. Not only do I believe God hears us, but I believe we too can hear God if we listen. The key here is “listening”. It is so easy to get wrapped up our daily concerns and put off spending time with God. But, as with any relationship, if you don’t keep communication open, you can lose closeness with the other person. The time when … Continue reading

Book Review: A Woman’s Power

When I heard about the book, “A Woman’s Power: Threads That Bind Us to God” by Fay A. Klingler, I jumped on the chance to read it. My life right now seems chaotic, and disorganized. Having a new baby in the house for the third time has turned my world upside down. I don’t have a lot of spiritual time to myself, and I was grateful for the opportunity to read a book that I was hoping would give me a spiritual boost. And it did. Fay Klingler shares some of her own life experiences as well as experiences of … Continue reading

Why Make Decisions Together?

Over the last couple of blogs we’ve looked at predetermining choices for spouses and family. I’m adamant making decisions together is a far better way to go in marriage. Why? Let me give you some reasons. It’s better for your marriage. Each person feels more involved in the choices made. It strengthens your marriage and you learn to take responsibility and learn from your mistakes together. Another reason is the responsibility doesn’t rest on one person. This can be come very stressful for the person responsible for always making the decisions. Of course it also means that if the decision … Continue reading

How to Find the Secret of Contentment

Do you struggle to find contentment in your life? We’ve all heard about the age old line about the grass being greener elsewhere. But sadly people often find out after they’ve tried it, after they’ve broken up a marriage or moved house or changed job or whatever it might be that is causing their discontent, that this is not the case. A simpler solution rather than chasing new experiences is to learn to be content in the situation we are in, which often appears easier said than done. So how can you find contentment? Is it even possible? The apostle … Continue reading

7 Marks of the Mature Christian – Part 2

My last blog gave 2 marks of the mature Christian. Here are the remaining 5 Marks of a mature Christian. 3. Prayer for others – This is what Paul did. He prayed for others, and what we need to do too. If you don’t have a prayer partner or are not part of a prayer covenant, can I suggest you do something about that? It’s a great help to your Christian life. It is interesting that Paul didn’t pray for them to be happy or to be healed from disease. He prayed for them to grow in their faith and … Continue reading