Concerns of Prenuptial Agreements

In my last article it seemed that there were several positive aspects concerning prenuptial agreements. However many do not feel that they are a positive thing. Just as with the pros, prenuptial agreements also have their down falls. Many feel that signing a prenuptial agreement takes all of the fairy tale out of a wedding. Others feel that being asked to sign a prenuptial agreement is a sign that there is mistrust in the relationship among the partners. Some partners are offended by being asked to sign an agreement such as this. There is then resentment that builds in the … Continue reading

Marriage Week in Review: June 2- June 8

There have been a wide range of topics discussed in marriage this week. The discussions have gone from prenups to weddings to divorce to enrichment to marriage in the news. Check out below, you are sure to find something that interest you! Monday, June 2 What about Prenuptial Agreements? This article takes a look into some basic information about prenuptial agreements. It also details a little of their history. Pros of Prenuptial Agreements In this article I offer some ways that a prenuptial agreement can have a positive impact on a marriage. Concerns of Prenuptial Agreements Here I take a … Continue reading