The Next Food Network Star

My kids are rushing through their baths tonight because in a little while The Next Food Network Star comes on TV. I’m not a big fan of reality TV shows, but we have watched the past two episodes as a family and have really enjoyed not only the show, but watching TV together. Most shows on TV these days just aren’t child friendly. Even the mild shows have language and sexual references that I’d rather not have to explain to small children. Two weeks ago there were ten participants, each week one person is dropped off the show. The winner … Continue reading

McCain Cooking Up Controversy and “The Boss” Backs Barack

In a previous blog I discussed first lady Laura Bush’s upcoming gig as guest host on NBC’s “Today” show. Now it appears ABC is following suit by inviting Cindy McCain to join the ladies on “The View” – for a day. The wife of Republican candidate John McCain is scheduled to serve as a co-host on the daytime chatfest next Monday… and resident Republican host Elisabeth Hasselbeck couldn’t be more thrilled. Frankly, I’m surprised Cindy McCain is appearing on the show when her husband was there just last week. (John McCain has been on “The View” four times since it … Continue reading

A New Food Network Star Is Born

I had blogged before about the show “The Next Food Network Star.” I had never watched it until my husband pointed out it had a former marine as a contestant. Being a food show junkie, I decided to watch it and was immediately hooked! Last night was the big finale. It was between two women – Rory Schepisi and Amy Finley. Rory’s point of view was Real Food for Real People and Amy’s point of view was the Gourmet Next Door. The finale was actually supposed to be between Rory and Joshua Adam Garcia (JAG) as Amy was eliminated the … Continue reading

Controversy on “The Next Food Network Star”

Until last Sunday, I had never watched “The Next Food Network Star.” As big a fan as I am on the Food Network, I just never bothered to watch this show, which takes people who may or may not have culinary training, runs them through cooking contests, and gives the winner their own six episode show on the network. But, my husband brought home a copy of The Marine Times that prompted me to watch two episodes Sunday. One of the contestants, Josh Garcia (who goes by JAG – his initials) is a former Marine who works as a chef … Continue reading

Should Schools Ban Peanuts?

As the new school year begins, so does the debate about banning peanuts from schools. For whatever reason, the mere suggestion that a child will not be allowed to bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to school as part of his or her lunch sparks controversy. This is an issue that evokes strong emotions, which are often followed by nasty comments. In the early months of 2011, Edgewater Elementary school, a public school that is located in Florida, created some school policies that set off a powder keg of controversy. Things started with one little girl, who was in … Continue reading

Big Breaks

It’s good news all around for a couple of lesser-known names trying to make their big break in the world of entertainment. First up: Michael Symon. I know. Michael who? If you aren’t a regular viewer of Food Network’s “Iron Chef” series then you likely have no clue who Michael Symon is. The Ohio cook won the network’s “The Next Iron Chef” competition in 2007 and appears on its “Iron Chef America” series, but now you’ll be seeing his mug even more. Earlier this week the folks at Food Network announced that Symon will take over as host of the … Continue reading

Well, You Just Never Know: A Few Good Men

I was on the treadmill tonight (yes, a miracle I know) when a commercial came on television. Normally, this would be the time to flip over to my alternate channel, you know, the one I visit so I don’t have to watch commercials. But, since my husband, the commercial fanatic, was in the room, I left it on. I tuned out and turned up the treadmill, so I really couldn’t hear the commercial, but I heard Randy say “I didn’t know that.” I looked up and saw the commercial was for a law firm and it said something about “When … Continue reading

Big Brother Gaffe

If you are watching the reality show “Big Brother,” you probably saw that a contestant on the new Couples season made a comment the other day that has sent many in the community reeling. This season, the big twist to the show is that all the contestants supposedly came in not knowing each other. Based on questionnaires they filled out before the show, they were matched with a person who seemed to be their perfect mate. Adam, a contestant who claims that he works for an autism foundation, but the show’s web page says he is a public relations manager, … Continue reading