Fitness Footwear

I once drove 120 miles to get my hands on a pair of discontinued running shoes. For some reason Nike constantly gets rid of the shoes that I perform best in. Seriously. Every single pair of Nike running shoes I’ve completed marathons in has been yanked from store shelves leaving me to scour the Internet for leftovers. When it comes to exercise and footwear, most people are quite loyal to their stomps. However, I recently considered straying from my beloved Nikes to try out a pair of performance enhancing EasyTone shoes by Reebok. The popular show manufacturer recently debuted its … Continue reading

Don’t Let the Cold Weather Derail Your Fitness Routine

We are in the middle of a major winter storm. When all is said in done we will be buried under 10-12 inches of snow. That’s on top of the 7 inches we were socked with last week. Then, there’s the bitterly cold tempeatures (we didn’t get above 20 degrees last week) and the dangerously frigid wind chills. It’s a wonder how gyms in Wisconsin sustain themselves during the winter months. I could easily ditch my exercise routine and chock it up to Old Man Winter, but I have that darn marathon I committed to running, so I don’t have … Continue reading

Don’t Let the Holidays Ruin Your Fitness Routine

With less than three weeks until Christmas you have two choices: A.) Give up on your regular exercise routine or B.) Stay the course and enter 2009 ahead of your New Year’s resolutions. You’re busy, you’re stressed, and it’s freezing outside… so why not go with B and take a break from your exercise routine until after New Year’s Day? Two words: Unwanted POUNDS. While it’s easy to put your fitness regime on the back burner during the holiday season, by slacking off now you’ll find it will be harder to get back on track once 2009 rolls around. Think … Continue reading

How Often Do You Use Your Home Gym?

Remember when you bought that new treadmill, a set of free weights, and the aerobics step, and you vowed to exercise every day? How’s that working out for you? Have your fitness investments paid off? If your treadmill is being used more as a clothes rack and those free weights are doubling as doorstops, you aren’t alone. According to a new study, expectations of our behavior often don’t match reality. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison say they have uncovered a specific process that they believe contributes to unrealistic optimism. What’s more, the scientists say they are eager to make … Continue reading

How Your Cellphone Can Improve Your Fitness Routine

Good news for cellphone addicts, according to researchers at the University of Washington, your mobile device may soon be able to help you maintain your exercise routine. Scientists at the University of Washington have teamed up with designers from Intel to create a new cellphone application, dubbed UbiFit. The new program automatically tracks workouts by displaying motivational pictures on the phone’s background screen that change the more you exercise. At the beginning of the week UbiFit displays an empty lawn, but as the week progresses and the user works out flowers grow and the display becomes more elaborate. Different kinds … Continue reading

Bad Things Happen When You Stop Going to the Gym

Remember when you first got your gym membership? Everything was new and exciting; you were determined to drop excess weight, get fit, and look great for your high school reunion, pool party, 40th birthday, etc. You used that adrenaline to fuel regular gym visits for the first month or so, then you discovered how easy it was to skip the gym one day, then the next day and the day after that. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, I have bad news: A new University of Missouri study found that the negative effects of skipping exercise can occur in … Continue reading

Is Your Favorite Sport Putting You at Risk for Injury?

Health experts (as well as government officials) are constantly trying to motivate people to get moving. They want couch potatoes to get up and walk, run, enroll in an aerobics class, join a bowling league, play tennis, etc. However, doctors are now saying that if the right precautions are not taken, the amateur sports that experts want people to participate in can have unexpected long-term health risks. A new study conducted by a leading occupational therapist found that when leisure activities are not done properly they can have negative effects on the musculoskeletal system. According to the study, in the … Continue reading

Can Exercising Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer?

A new study suggests that women who participate in vigorous exercise can lessen their risk of contracting breast cancer. The new research was conducted by the National Cancer Institute and gives post-menopausal women hope for healthier years ahead. The study followed more than 32,000 women who were enrolled in a Breast Cancer Detection Demonstration. Each woman provided answers to a questionnaire asking about their physical activity (including everyday tasks like housework, work related activity and leisure activity) over the course of a year. Researchers then performed statistical tests to estimate the relative risk of post-menopausal breast cancer linked to physical … Continue reading

Exceeding Government Fitness Recommendations

The majority of the posts in this blog speak to individuals who lack motivation to get off the couch and exercise, and to those who struggle to find 30 minutes per day to get to the gym. But what about the “others?” The people who start off their days pumping iron on their home elliptical machines while waiting for their running partners, and wondering if they can get in a bike ride before the roads ice over? Yes, these types of individuals do exist. In fact, government health officials are taking fitness fanatics’ actions into consideration as well. New studies … Continue reading

Motivating Your Kids to Move

These days that might be tougher than finding a TV commercial that’s not politically motivated. For millions of kids the idea of putting down video game controls and picking up a bike to ride is a foreign concept. This, despite the fact that the federal government recently announced new fitness recommendations for all Americans. The guidelines stipulate at least 60 minutes a day of moderate or vigorous activity for children ages 6 to 17. Federal officials also noted that parents should be creating opportunities for their children to be physically active and encouraging them to consistently participate in those activities. … Continue reading