Creating Binder Scrapbooks

When you think of scrapbooking what usually comes to mind? Most of us think about scrapbooking as a way to preserve memories. Sometimes, though, we need to think outside of the box when it comes to preserving memories through scrapbooking. I love the fancy, beautiful binders that can be found when you are getting ready to work on a scrapbook project. I have a variety of colors, sizes and themes when it comes to my scrapbooks. They are filled with pictures and other memorabilia that I really do treasure. Not only do I treasure pictures, though, I also treasure keepsakes … Continue reading

Digital Scrapbooking

In addition to the traditional art of scrapbooking, we now have another option to create beautiful layouts and preserve memories. With the added options of sound and moving images, digital scrapbooking is becoming very popular. A scrapbook, created on the computer using digital images, can be saved, printed, shared on blogs and email, and burned to a DVD. Here is an overview of some websites that allow free digital scrapbooking: Users can create and personalize scrapbooks for free using Smilebox. Sharing your scrapbook is free as well. In order to print, burn to a DVD or eliminate advertisements, a … Continue reading

Creative Collages Scrapbook Layouts

Designing scrapbook layouts is a fun way to give your scrapbook personality. There are so many options for scrapbook layouts, it is often hard to decide on just one layout. Personally, my favorite layouts always include photo collages. I enjoy creating collages of my son for his scrapbook. For example, if we went to the beach and I took photos of him playing in the sand with a beach ball and holding a sea shell, I would create a layout and make a collage of those three photos. Then, I would design a page with shell designs around the edges, … Continue reading

Computer Scrapbooking (2)

When getting into computer or digital scrapbooking, there are some things you need beyond what I discussed in this article. You are also in need of some good software, so here are some tips on finding the software that is right for you, and your needs. We are scrapbookers, so an important features we are looking for are clip art programs, font programs, photo editing software, digital scrapbooking software and probably a good text editor. For Clip Art Programs: Creating Keepsakes has some great computer clip art! You can purchase it in CD format and they typically come mixed with … Continue reading

Sticky Situation

When it comes to scrapbooking, I am all about the stickers. Not only are scrapbook stickers extremely versatile, but they are also super easy to use and the varieties are practically limitless. What’s more, for me, they often act as the inspiration for an entire layout. I have long been a fan of Jolee’s Boutique stickers. I don’t use them exclusively, but due to their massive selection, I would estimate that 95 percent of my page designs include at least a few stickers by Jolee’s. The brand is manufactured by EK Success, which is a household name in the world … Continue reading

Simplify Summer Scrapping

The idea of creating page after page of eye-popping scrapbook layouts featuring the latest and greatest embellishments can be an overwhelming proposition for most beginners. Fortunately, you don’t have to strain your brain to come up with unique scrapbook design ideas. Instead, look at ordinary items for inspiration, from greeting cards to magazine ads, catalogs to commercials. The resources are filled with ideas for color combinations, journaling themes and famous quotes. When in doubt stick with a familiar design that can be customized with a few personal touches. For example, if you’re making a summer vacation album, you might consider … Continue reading

Toddler Art Layout

My son’s creativity has inspired me to design a new scrapbook layout using his art work. While I was working on a craft project, I gave my son some pieces of card stock, glitter glue, stickers and markers. I let him make his own creation while I worked across the table to finish my page design. I was very proud of my son’s creation. A few pieces of card stock glued together with blue glitter glue and decorated with markers. These are great little keepsakes. I have decided to use them in a two-page toddler art layout. I am using … Continue reading

Choosing Materials

There are so many options available for use in scrapbooking projects. Depending on the size and type of scrapbook you are using, you must choose appropriate materials. Let’s take a look at the options that are most commonly used in scrapbooking: Scissors While traditional scissors come in very handy for scrapbooking, paper edging scissors can be useful and offer several different options as well. They have scalloped edges, ribbon edges and several other blades for cutting paper to make decorative edges. Stamps Whether you choose wood rubber stamps or clear stamps, using stamps to add designs to your pages is … Continue reading

Creating a Christmas Layout

It is the season of giving and making memories. We want to preserve our Christmas memories with photos in our scrapbooks. What is the best layout for our Christmas photos? Here are some ideas: A scrapbook is a way in which we can be creative and record memories on paper with photos, sentiments and embellishments. That said, take a look at Christmas decorations. I’m going to use the decorating theme I used in my home as the theme for my Christmas layout in my scrapbook. I used reindeer as the theme for my decorating. I have a collection of reindeer … Continue reading

Free Gift For Dogster and Catster Members

If you have a Dogster or Catster membership — check this freebie out! Dogster and Catster have joined forces with Shutterfly — one of those online photo hosting services. Shutterfly offers a whole bunch of ways to share and display your pictures (pet or otherwise). If you are a Dogster or Catster member, Shutterfly is going to give you a free photo book! It’s 20 pages of pictures (you can add more pages for $1 each if you want) with hard covers and loads of backgrounds and layouts to choose from. (I’m fond of the “Azure” and “Verde” layouts, myself … Continue reading