Dealing with a Passive-Aggressive Manipulator (1)

In the previous blog on Is there a Passive-Aggressive in the house? we looked at some of the behavioral techniques utilized by these people in order to get what they want. In today’s blog, we’ll discover what motivates the passive-aggressive and how to minimize the effect of the dramas they can create in our lives. In their own minds at least, the passive-aggressive person believes they are nice people; easy to please, eager to help, and always willing to take on more than their fair share of the workload. They are professional martyrs. And they hunger for approval. All this … Continue reading

Is there a Passive–Aggressive in the house?

Do you live with someone who manipulates you into doing things you don’t want to do, yet you just can’t put your finger on how they do it? Perhaps you have a friend who subtly controls you. Yet it’s done in such a way that there is really nothing definite to point a finger at? Sound familiar? You could be dealing with a Passive–Aggressive manipulator. A relationship with a person who uses passive-aggressive techniques to get their way is frustrating and draining. Perhaps you may not have heard of the term “passive-aggressive” but the behavior will definitely be familiar. The … Continue reading

Do You Get Angry with Your Child? I Do, Because Anger is a Natural Feeling.

Related articles: Emotional Intelligence and Clear Communication; Dealing with a Passive Aggressive-Manipulator; The Cycle of Violence: Part 7, Stand Over. Anger is natural and normal. Just like any other emotion, we have the innate ability to feel angry and the right to let others know what we are feeling. However, often the behaviors that we display when we are angry are the problem. The behaviors we display are not our emotion – they are our behaviors Just as children get angry and throw a tantrum, so too do us parents. These tantrums are unacceptable and let other big people know … Continue reading