Dealing with Adult Bullies

When we send our kids off to school, we are fully aware that bullies will be lurking there. Kids can be cruel. However, when we head out in public with our special needs children and it is the adults that stare and make rude comments, what is a parent to do? Parents of special needs children often complain about the rudeness of strangers. Stares and comments are directed at children who are autistic, who use wheelchairs or who have medical equipment attached to them. No matter what the disability or medical issue a child has, there is never an excuse … Continue reading

I So Called It

Ten days. Ten short days, people. It took just 10 days, 14 hours, 26 minutes and 50 seconds before my daughter uttered these three words: “I hate school.” So, yeah, the novelty of the new academic year has already worn off and now we’re back to dealing with bullies and bad attitudes. I so called it. Thank goodness for art. It’s been a saving grace in more ways than one. Fortunately, my daughter loves art class, so I use it as incentive to get her out of bed and off to school with at least 1/10th of a smile on … Continue reading


Bullying has been around since the beginning of time. We have all been touched by it at some point in our lives, whether as children or as adults. I recently read an article that stated that bullying is on the rise again. What a sad sentiment to think about. Every time I see the kids out at recess I am reminded of just how true these statements are. Kids are getting meaner and meaner. For many children school is no longer a safe haven. How do we help our children navigate through these difficult school years, especially as a single … Continue reading

The Office Bully: It Doesn’t Stop in the Classroom

Although the term “bully” immediately sets off an image of a kid in the school playground holding court with his or her power, bullying actually continues well into life and surprisingly even exists in the nursing home environment. It seems, once a bully, always a bully. Although much is written on bullying in the playground, the office environment is a haven for bullies. As just as everyone knows in the playground who the bully is and who the victim or victims are and are afraid to speak out, this phenomenon also occurs in the office. Let’s look at the case … Continue reading

Parents and Teachers Need to Work Together to Stop Bullying

The Dr. Phil season has barely kicked off and already I am seeing him tackle a lot of teen issues. The biggest one on his plate is bullying. He has already done a couple of shows on teen bullying and is now starting an anti-bullying campaign. Like Dr. Phil, I too believe this is a serious issue. With technological advances in our society, bullying has been taken to a whole new degree. As I have said before, the bullying has to stop. One of the things that I feel would greatly help to stop bullying is if parents and teachers … Continue reading

Does “Bully Education” Really Work?

Schools all across the country are making concerted efforts to deal with the very real issue of bulling. But are these efforts having an impact? Is your child less likely to be bullied today than he might have been five years ago? The experts are divided on the issue, and some recent research suggests that the answer could be no. Earlier this week, we were driving by a local school. There, right next to the playground was a huge sign declaring the area to be a “No Bully Zone.” I’m not sure why the sign was there. Was it to … Continue reading

Will staying in school make your child a better person?

This question is from a comment on the education blog about homeschooling. One of the questions asked by a mom who was considering homeschool was why her friend felt that the troubles her child is having in public school would make him a better person. Many homeschool opponents say that dealing with the rigors of public school will make a child a better person. They have several reasons. Socialization: “The act of learning to take social cues from children of the same age group will ready you for dealing with peers in adulthood.” Somehow, however, these opponents neglect to look … Continue reading

Physical Bullying in Schools

Bullying is often considered an act of physical aggression towards another student. As I have discussed in two of my previous blogs, bullying also can come in other forms, such as emotional and cyber bullying. Physical bullying is perhaps the most well known form of bullying and is often the type of bullying that boys choose to use. Did you know that physical bullying often starts to increase as students go from year to year in elementary school? Did you know that it often peaks during middle school and it often begins to slow down during high school? What is … Continue reading