Five Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

There are a number of weird, though perfectly normal, side effects to pregnancy that no one tells you about.  You might get all or none of these, and it could vary from one of your pregnancies to another. 1. Bloody Gums.  Early in the second trimester I began noticing a bit more blood than normal when I flossed.  I went to my routine dentist appointment, and the hygienist confirmed that yup, that’s just something that can happen when you’re pregnant.  Chalk this one down to hormones; they’re making your gums (and other parts) more inflamed than usual.  Pregnant women are … Continue reading

Pregnancy Awareness Month (Part II)

With the support of “Healthy Child Healthy Word.” P.A.M. are getting the word out about healthy pregnancy. Today’s blog will focus on what P.A.M. has found to be the Five Things Pregnant Woman Complain About. Number One: Excess Weight Gain Pregnancy plays quite the number on the pregnant woman’s body. During pregnancy a woman’s body goes into storage mode. So that pint of ice cream you could eat pre-pregnancy and burn off with a good cardio, isn’t going to happen during pregnancy. The recommended weight gain for a pregnant women with a healthy BMI is 25-35 pounds. There are many … Continue reading

Dealing With Constipation During Pregnancy

It’s one of the most common complaints in pregnancy. The most regular of women can suddenly find themselves all stopped up. It’s extremely uncomfortable, even downright painful sometimes. Constipation during pregnancy is caused by the hormone progesterone which slows digestion, and is often made worse by all the iron in your prenatal vitamins. Fortunately there are some things you can do to help with constipation that are completely safe for you and your baby. * First of all, talk to your doctor about your prenatal vitamin. It may have more iron than you need. There are many different supplements out … Continue reading