Nursery Ideas

It all began one warm summer day as I was washing sheets from the three beds in our home; our queen, the guest/our son’s full, and the crib. I started thinking about ways to make the kid’s bedroom work for both our son and our unborn daughter. Around the time that my husband and I were planning our wedding, I read an article about using white bed linens and towels not only for ease of washing but also for simplicity and cohesion. Needless to say, I did not purchase white bed linens or towels. With multiple moves and rearrangement of … Continue reading

Planning a Nursery

One of the most exciting parts of my pregnancy was planning my son’s nursery. I could not wait for my 18 week ultrasound so I could find out the sex of our baby. Even before the ultrasound, I had begun planning color schemes and themes for both boys and girls. I found myself hoping for a girl simply because I preferred the brown and pink modern theme I had picked out. Once we got the news, I forgot all about my pink and brown nursery, and started pouring over ideas for a little boy’s room. It wasn’t long before I … Continue reading

Inexpensive Decorating Projects for Your Home

Here are a few ideas for improving your space by doing simple and elegant decorative projects for your home that hardly cost a thing: Shadow boxes Fit four short pieces of wood together into a rectangle or square, about one to two inches deep, or deep enough to set something upon it. Paint the wood or stain it. Make a few of these shadow boxes and group them together. Place similar items inside them. You can use these boxes as an inexpensive way to showcase collections, candles, or small, potted flowers. Fabric wall art Buy a lightweight board and have … Continue reading

Inexpensive Decorating Solutions

I hope you have taken the chance to read some of the articles at the Home and Garden blog. I love to read the fun and interesting ideas these writers have. I am particularly interested in finding creative ways to decorate frugally. Check out some of these articles from our Home and Garden bloggers for some of my favorite tips for decorating cheap: What is Shabby Chic? I love the design ideas in this article. There are some great ways to get that “shabby chic” look without spending a fortune. It does boggle my mind how people are willing to … Continue reading