When Did Your Children Start Taking Showers?

Bath time in our home is a key part of our bedtime routine. However, it is also a monumental production… for two reasons: First, the bathtub has morphed into another playroom. There are more toys in there than an average daycare has in its entire building. That’s not counting the 31 “flavors” of bubble bath, gels, beads, funny foam and other various accoutrements that my daughter chooses to enhance the water with on a nightly basis. This, of course, turns what could be a simple 5-minute wash-n-go, into a 55-minute (when I’m lucky) play-a-thon. Second, my preschooler screams like a … Continue reading

Decorating on a Penny

Want to update your room without spending a lot of money? Try these ideas that are cheap but look fabulous. 1. When in doubt, paint. Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to change out a room, update a room or brighten a room. If you do the labor yourself and get free paint, then it won’t cost you a dime. Click here to learn about free and low cost paint. 2. Throw pillows instantly add some color to a room without a huge expense. Make the pillows yourself to get a custom designer look for a frugal price. Throw pillows … Continue reading

High-Tech Bathrooms

We’ve all heard of high-tech kitchens, but not very many homeowners think of integrating advanced technology in the smallest room in the house-—the bathroom. I will be the first to admit that when I stroll through design showrooms I tend to gravitate towards new products for the kitchen and larger living areas. What’s more, when I travel to hotels and run across a product that makes washing up safer and more comfortable I rarely consider installing it in my own home (in most cases I figure it’s a luxury I can’t afford). The following are some of my favorite high-tech … Continue reading

Remodeling On A Budget—The Bathroom and Basement

In my previous blog: “Remodeling On A Budget—The Kitchen” I admitted that I often complain about not having the luxurious updates my friend’s enjoy in their homes. Home improvements take money and not everyone’s household budgets can accommodate remodeling efforts. Or can they? Last month one of the dad’s in my daughter’s playgroup (an architect) gave me some tips on how to make remodeling more affordable. The following are ways you can update your bathroom and basement without breaking the bank: BATHROOM Whirlpool Tub. Our toddler daughter has been begging for one of these “pools” for months. I don’t blame … Continue reading

More Toddler Room Decorating Tips

A few months ago I detailed the makeover we gave our daughter’s bedroom. The transformation from nursery to toddler’s room was made with careful planning and a lot of input from our daughter. (She may be a toddler, but she voices her opinions like a teenager.) Little did I know that our day’s worth of labor would simply be the start of what has turned into a multi-month long project that’s still a work in progress. Since my last blog my daughter has acquired a freestanding puppet theater, a plastic ball pit and another kid-size table and two matching chairs. … Continue reading

Designing A Versatile Kids Room

In previous blogs I detailed the work that went into transforming my daughter’s nursery into a “big girl’s room.” It was not as labor intensive or as expensive as I thought it would be. As a result, I’m thinking of updating it again soon. My daughter will be turning three in a few weeks and while she is not a very tall child, her toddler bed doesn’t seem to accommodate her… well, let’s just call it… active sleeping. Basically, she’s a roller. Some nights are better than others, but for the most part she has a hard time sleeping in … Continue reading

Home Trends—What’s In and What’s Out

I’m used to writing about what’s “in” and “out” in the world of fashion, but I’ve decided to apply the same concept here in the HOME blog. I was inspired to do so after visiting a friend’s home and hearing her ask me if I thought her new granite countertops would ever “go out of style.” (Never mind that she and her husband just forked over more than $40,000 to upgrade their entire kitchen, which included the installation of the shiny granite countertops, new fixtures, and custom made cabinets.) My reply: “If they do, you can send them my way.” … Continue reading

My Home Is A Stage

If the world is a stage then my home should be considered an off-off-off Broadway theatre. Ever since my daughter could say “ta-da,” she’s been using our home as her stage. From dancing hula to singing her favorite nursery rhymes, her nightly routines have become fan favorites around here. Of course, if one is going to perform for a crowd of well-wishers (most of which are stuffed and have four legs), then naturally one needs a proper place to showcase such stellar talent. No, we didn’t construct an actual stage for her (she prefers standing on her bed), but I … Continue reading

Child-Friendly Homes

I’m a statistic. I simply have to look around my toy-strewn living room to know it. According to a New York-based consumer-research company, I spend way too much money on my child. The company estimates that parents in the United States spend $116 million annually on their 3-to-11-year-old children. Guilty as charged. But, here’s where it gets interesting… housing developers are targeting parents like me because of my spending habits. In essence they are using my child to get to my wallet. When I was growing up having a swing set and sandbox in our backyard was a big deal. … Continue reading

Sassy Sinks

I am a big fan of the Food Network and subsequently have become a big fan of Paula Deen (“Paula’s Home Cooking”). She is affectionately known as the queen of southern cuisine and home cooking and has made quite a name for herself in recent years. A few months ago she expanded her “empire” by creating her own magazine, “Cooking with Paula Deen.” I picked up a copy the other day and found it also offers decorating tips for your home and office. The most recent issue features a tour of the powder rooms in Deen’s Savannah, Georgia home. While … Continue reading