The Downside of the Digital Photography Revolution

Many of the videographers I used to work with when I was in TV news have branched out and are now making money taking still photos with professional-grade digital cameras. I had the chance to catch up with one of them Saturday night and discovered that the digital photography revolution has some hidden downsides most amateur shutterbugs may not be aware of. My former colleague’s biggest complaint is that digital cameras are so affordable these days it has created a wave of amateur photographers thinking they can make a quick buck. My pal claims that in an effort to generate … Continue reading

Getting Kids Involved in Photography

My daughter owns two digital cameras. Did I mention that she’s six years old? My mom says I am to blame for my daughter’s camera obsession. According to my dear, sweet mother, I’ve scarred my child by having her pose for nearly 15,000 photos since her birth. Apparently, my kid is so sick of being in front of the lens that she has taken to hiding behind it. I think my mom’s analysis may be a bit dramatic, though my daughter really does prefer being behind the camera than in front of it. However, I attribute that trait to her … Continue reading

Summer Shots of Kids

I don’t take indoor photos of my daughter during the summer months. I didn’t realize my habit until I viewed albums featuring seasonal shots of my child, and noticed that every single one was taken in the great outdoors. When the weather is nice, forget about posing your child in a sterile indoor studio in front of boring props. Instead, opt for a session snapped outside with Mother Nature’s bounty in full view. The venue, be it your backyard, garden or a neighborhood park, allows young subjects the chance to act as natural as possible. The familiar setting also gives … Continue reading

Snap Photos WITH Your Kids

I’ve been taking pictures of my daughter since she was a few hours old, but rarely do we wield our cameras at the same time. My 6-year-old is a proud owner of her own digital camera, and this summer she has been putting it to good use snapping shots of the hydrangeas that border our patio, kids at the pool and numerous bugs she has collected. She loves getting up close to her subjects and using her body as a tripod. I love it too. Not only is she making the most of a fairly expensive camera, but also, she … Continue reading

Capturing Kids in Action

When I look at photos that were taken of me when I was a child I notice that there were not many action shots. While I realize that it wasn’t as easy to take action photos with dated film cameras, I still wonder why there were not more candid photos taken. My old photos seem to always feature me holding something or standing beside something, and it’s obvious they were all posed. It’s too bad because some of the best photos are ones taken when the subject isn’t aware the camera is shooting him or her. I wish my family … Continue reading

Summer Lovin’ With a Digital Camera

Digital cameras get a real workout during the summer months. From family trips to the beach, fireworks displays, backyard barbeques and camping trips, the opportunities to snag super snapshots are virtually unlimited. You don’t need to be a professional to take frame worthy photos of your family having fun in the sun. Rather, simply follow these tips to ensure you’re getting the best shots possible: PRACTICE Practice makes perfect–regardless of whether you are shooting a huge family reunion or an intimate picnic for two. A few days before an important event, spend some time reading your digital camera’s manual. Then, … Continue reading

What Kind of Parents Take Their Kids Shopping on Black Friday?

Perhaps, I should clarify that title. It should read: “What Kind of Parents Take Their Kids Shopping at Midnight on Black Friday?” Midnight, 4 a.m., 5 a.m.—-where were your kids at those hours? I know where mine weren’t—in line outside of outlet malls that opened at 12 a.m., department stores that opened at 4 a.m. and Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, and the slew of other retailers, which opened their doors to crazed bargain hunters at 5 a.m. Friday morning. Still, if you watched the news tonight I’m sure you saw what I did. Hundreds of adults pushing stroller after … Continue reading

More Basic Photo Tips for Digital Camera Owners

Now that you know a bit more on how to focus your shots correctly and you know how to add some action to your photos, it’s time to discuss other ways to spice up your pictures. CURVES S-curves (or any type of curve) can make a photo much more appealing. Just remember that a curve should start at the photo’s edge and lead to your subject. That way when a person is viewing your shot his or her eyes will be naturally drawn to the focal point of your image. FLASH Be careful when using your flash. While the added … Continue reading

Basic Photo Tips for Digital Camera Owners

These days digital cameras are the standard when it comes to taking amateur photos. The popular cameras have virtually eliminated the need for film, which means digital photographers can snap to their heart’s content without worrying about wasting film. The number of images you can take at a single event can easily number into the hundreds. But despite the advancement in technology many amateur photographers find they are getting quantity but not quality—-in which case you might want to consider the following tips: FRAMING Good composition goes a long way when it comes to snapping a decent photograph. Try to … Continue reading

New Trends in Digital Photography

Are you looking to purchase a new digital camera in time for your Fourth of July BBQ? Or perhaps you want a new camera to shoot some frameworthy shots at your family reunion this summer. Whatever your reason now is a great time to snap up the latest and greatest digital cameras and accessories for a decent price. Most stores are trying to get their current stock off the shelves so they can make room for new models to be unveiled in time for the holiday season. The following digital cameras have been given the thumbs up by Consumer Reports: … Continue reading