Insurance Coverage for Falling Satellites

The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite is expected to fall to Earth, and even scientists cannot predict exactly when, or where, it will land. What if the satellite falls on you, (or your home or vehicle)? There is an international treaty in place that would compensate you for damages and injuries. I don’t think that most people spend a lot of time thinking about the satellites that are just outside of the Earth’s atmosphere, forever circling. Usually, if you are wondering about what is going on with a satellite, it is because your television service isn’t working. Even then, you are … Continue reading

Quickly Becoming Obsolete – Part 4

This is my final blog about formerly common things that you may not be able to find anymore! Honey Bees That is right, Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has spread across the U.S. and Europe lately and is wiping out the honey bees. Between 50 and 90% of the colonies of many beekeepers has been wiped out. Some are blaming CCD on climate change, some blame it on a virus, and even others think it may have something to do with beekeeping practices. I guess until the real cause is known, the honeybee will remain in danger. Printed Newspapers, magazines, and … Continue reading

Introduction to the different types of televisions

You may have heard that all televisions in the United States must be able to accept digital signals by February 2009. If you haven’t heard about his switchover or wonder what it’s all about, check out yesterday’s blog, “Digital television broadcast takes over in 2009.” You don’t have to run out and buy a new TV right away, but if you’re already looking for a new TV, the many different types of TVs may seem confusing. I’m not talking about TV brands (e.g., Sony, Zenith, Toshiba), but the fact that TVs come in many different shapes and sizes, and most … Continue reading

Digital television broadcast takes over in 2009

Do you know that by February 2009, all television broadcasts must be digital in the United States (it’s almost a Federal law)? That means anyone using rabbit ear antennas to watch TV will no longer have anything to watch. The screen will be blank. Rabbit ear type antennas capture analog signals and are not capable of receiving digital signals. Now, you don’t have to run out and get a new television, but you will need to make sure your TV is digital ready. The plan is for a small converter box that you can hook up to your current television … Continue reading