The Many Marathons of runDisney

I just came in from my morning run with my dog, so it seems appropriate that now I’d sit down to write about the Disney Parks’ many marathons. I run for the sake of my health and my dog’s health, however, not so much for fun, so don’t expect to hear of me signing up for any of these any time soon. For 2012 runDisney has added another marathon to its schedule. The Los Angeles Examiner reports that on January 29, 2012 Disneyland will host the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. This is another event exclusively for women, joining the already-established … Continue reading

Disney Channel Friends for Change Games

“High School Musical” star Corbin Bleu at a prior Disney Games event In 2007 and 2008 the Disney Channel’s then-stars such as Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers competed in a series of gladiator-style games for charity. The event was filmed and called the Disney Channel Games. The Orlando Sentinel has the scoop that after a two-year break the games return in 2011, albeit with some changes. This time, in keeping with the theme “Friends for Change” that the Disney Channel’s developed for its Project Green program, the event’s called the Disney Channel Friends for Change Games. Rather than filming … Continue reading

Where’s My Water?

Playing computer games and helping others: how can the two possibly intersect? Thanks to the internet they have; several games exist online now that by playing, users can donate funds to various worthy causes. The most famous is, a site that offers various educational games in subjects such as vocabulary, geography, literature, math, and chemistry. For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to the World Food Program, to help feed the hungry. Now Disney’s getting in on the game. Disney Friends for Change, the company’s arm that tries to get kids involved in volunteer work, has … Continue reading

Selena Gomez to Star in New Prank Show?

This spring is full of news about the Disney Channel. Coming off both the return of the Disney Channel Games and the announcement of a new television series, Hollywood Life published rumors of a new show for the channel starring Selena Gomez. ‘Wait,’ you might say. ‘Isn’t this the sort of thing Disney Channel execs should avoid?’ Sure, they always try to milk their stars for all they’re worth, but the network is already under fire for overworking Demi Lovato. Why would they go and make the same mistake with Gomez? First off, “Wizards of Waverley Place” wraps up its … Continue reading

“Suite” Star to Helm New Series

Say what you might about the Disney Channel, but it’s excellent at renewing its popular properties. As its stars grow up and want to move on to other material, it often manages to spin new shows out of the ones coming to an end. It also usually gets a movie or two, sometimes even for the big screen, out of its shows. Many times the Disney Channel creates spin-offs of its already existing shows. Even if it doesn’t manage that, it will take a popular secondary character and base a new program around that actor or actress. Popular program “The … Continue reading