New Disney Music Website

Fans of Disney’s teen musical acts, often teenagers themselves, now have yet another destination at which to spend time on the Disney Go website: Disney Music. Given that Disney’s been in the pop music business for years now, releases from their animated movie soundtracks notwithstanding, the only surprise is that the company hadn’t launched a music site this sophisticated until now. Disney Music brings the Mouse Company’s extensive catalog all into one place, but the focus is clearly on the Disney Channel’s recent teen sensations. Currently on the main page of the site visitors are greeted with Selena Gomez’s brand … Continue reading

Disney Reviving the Radio Serial

Every year at Christmas the cable channel TBS plays the same movie for 24 hours straight, starting around midday on Christmas Eve and ending on Christmas afternoon. Though a large portion of the film relies on an increasingly outdated nostalgia, it’s still a Christmas classic; one that, thanks to its devoted following, has created a new nostalgia specifically for the world of the movie itself, thus cementing its place as part of the annual Christmas experience. One of young Ralphie’s many misadventures in “A Christmas Story” centers on his devotion to the “Little Orphan Annie” radio show. Ralphie never misses … Continue reading

Rent Movies on ITunes and Other Apple News

In Apple news today, a rumor that users will be able to rent movies on iTunes has been confirmed. Apple forged a deal with 20th Century Fox to make movies and videos available for rent through Apple’s iTunes music store. These movies and videos will be recent releases. It is not yet clear how the movies and videos will be rented, if it is for a subscription-based service or a fee per download. Currently, movies and videos can be purchased, but not rented, through the iTunes store, through the Walt Disney studio, the current exclusive resource for movies and videos … Continue reading

Disney Teams Up With Scholastic

I love headlines like this. Scholastic books are a very firm part of my daughter’s childhood, as they were a part of mine. Scholastic is one of the major contributors to school book fairs and more. Disney, of course, is Disney. So what are they teaming up on? E Books Book-Flix, yes it sounds like Netflix and that’s the idea. It’s an educational website that will pair non-fiction e-books with short films that are based on popular picture books. You will be able to go to People and Places and you’ll find offerings on Abraham Lincoln. There is an animated … Continue reading

Disney Electronics Expanding

When it comes to children’s electronics, we see some great changes on the horizon. For instance, Disney is now expanding electronics with new products specific to the Mix Stick MP3 players. Today, these players are ranked among the top 10 so this is big news. For around $100, you can purchase the Happiest Place on Earth for the Mix Max portable media player. If you prefer, you can choose other versions to include an upgrade for around $50 and a miniature version for $20. If you are looking for a portable media player so your children can enjoy movies, television … Continue reading

ITunes & Disney Partner Up Once Again

Yesterday saw the launch of the much anticipated iTunes 7 along with new hardware including a new iPod video that will hold up to a 100 hours of video. So what makes iTunes 7 so special? Well, for Disney fans, Miramax, Touchstone, Pixar and Walt Disney films, including several classics, will not be available for purchase and download. The resolution is considered nearly DVD quality and the starting number is about 75 films. Among the selection you can purchase are: The Princess Diaries Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Cinderella The Incredibles Toy Story Gone in … Continue reading

Would You Like the Chance to Own Disney World?

While this is not a Disney specific title – it is actually quite exciting and being a huge fan of the game, I wanted to share with you the latest updates that will be released in the new Monopoly: Here & Now Edition. More than 3 million people voted on the game highlights that included replacing the Boardwalk with New York’s Time Square and Park Place with Boston’s Fenway Park. There are multiple Monopoly games out there including versions for Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings, but this version takes into account what the game would be like … Continue reading

Freebies for Games, Music, and More!

There are many ways to save money, but none beat getting stuff for free! The trick to making that work is to find the freebies before they disappear. Since most are not heavily advertized, this can require a little luck and a whole lot of effort. Check out this blog for a quick look at a bunch of freebies that I found today. Plants Vs Zombies HD is currently being offered as a free download for iPad. It requires iOS 3.2 or later. According to the Tweet sent out today by @PlantsvsZombies, this offer is good until February 28, 2013. … Continue reading

When Do We Draw the Line for the Media?

I was searching tonight for some pop culture news. Kim Kardashian got married, but I couldn’t care less. Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter broke up – boring. So, I turned to my old friend TMZ. Okay, Chaz Bono signs on for “Dancing with the Stars,” former NBA player charged with murder, and then I hit the supposed Steve Jobs post-resignation picture. Wow. The reason I say supposed is that the photo looks a bit fake to me, but if it is Steve, it is obvious he doesn’t have long to live. Everyone knows Jobs has had pancreatic cancer for at … Continue reading

More Money-Saving Earth Day Deals

You don’t have to be a “Crunchy Granola,” an aging hippie, or a tree hugger to appreciate money-saving Earth Day deals. After all, doesn’t everyone want to save green on the “green”-est day of the year? Retailers around the world are offering a wide range of promotions and deals to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Here are just a few winners: Babies R Us The popular children’s store is giving away a free reusable tote bag with a printable coupon through April 22nd, plus 25 percent off all clothes and shoes you can fit in the bag. Disney … Continue reading