Disney Interactive Unveils New Game, Console Plans

Disney’s never been much of a name in gaming.  Disney Interactive is the only branch of the company that has reported consistent losses.  In the past few years, Disney hasn’t even put that much of an effort into console gaming, choosing to focus on simple games played on websites like Facebook or on mobile devices.  But that might be about to change. Gaming website CNET reports that Disney’s taken out a patent for a gaming console that employs augmented reality.  This isn’t the first of Disney’s augmented reality patents; late last year I blogged about one involving images projected over … Continue reading

Disney Logo Change

When I went to see “The Muppets” I was so excited for my favorite puppet troop’s long-awaited big screen revival that I didn’t notice something interesting. In fact, I didn’t even realize that this something had happened until December, when all of a sudden a ton of news stories broke about it (perhaps I wasn’t the only one who didn’t notice right away). Disney’s changed its famous pre-film logo again. This time, instead of giving it another animated overhaul, they’ve changed the name. Rather than saying “Walt Disney Pictures,” it just reads “Disney.” The funny thing is, even when I … Continue reading

Walt Disney and NASA

Walt Disney visiting Wernher von Braun at the Marshall Space Flight Center When preparing my article on the Walt Disney Family Museum’s video contest, I searched a stock photography website for historic images of Walt Disney. I was baffled to find a NASA-owned picture of him alongside scientist Dr. Wernher von Braun. My husband didn’t understand my incredulity. He said that’s what top executives do: rub shoulders with other powerful people. Walt Disney was a great mover and shaker in his day and it makes sense that he’d hang around NASA or any other large company or government institution. I … Continue reading

Disney World Bridal Studio Upgrade

It seems everything at Walt Disney World is getting a facelift these days. First come plans for a major Fantasyland expansion, and next we hear that popular destination for Disney fan couples Franck’s Bridal Studio has undergone a technological renovation. Stitch Kingdom reports that Disney’s one-stop shop for weddings has added two new planning rooms, updated its furnishings, and most importantly, upgraded its technological capabilities. Before, couples would travel to the Franck’s in person to meet with their wedding planner to iron out all the details on their upcoming Disney-themed nuptials. While it’s still necessary for couples to meet with … Continue reading

Disney a Most Trusted Company

Last week I mentioned that Forbes Magazine named the Walt Disney Corporation as the world’s third most trusted company. I promised I’d elucidate the idea further. The parameters of the study, which was actually carried out by the Reputation Institute (a company which “helps corporate clients manage their images”), declared these companies the ones that “consumers like, trust, and respect the most.” Disney, following Google and Sony, earned a global reputation score of 77.97. Unfortunately the study doesn’t specify what that’s out of; I’m assuming out of 100 but list topper Google only ranked a 78.62 so it might be … Continue reading

Disney Purchases Facebook Gaming Company

Walt Disney Corporate’s certainly busy buying up companies lately. First they officially took charge of Pixar, then Marvel, and now, according to the Washington Times, they’re preparing to buy Playdom for $563.2 million. So what’s Playdom? If you’ve ever played a game on Facebook like Sorority Life or Social City, then you’ve used a Playdom product; Playdom makes many of the little games available for play on Facebook, MySpace, or fancier cell phones. Playdom isn’t the only electronic/online property Disney’s snatched recently. Just a month ago it also purchased Tapulous, the maker of a popular iPhone music game, and in … Continue reading

Where’s My Water?

Playing computer games and helping others: how can the two possibly intersect? Thanks to the internet they have; several games exist online now that by playing, users can donate funds to various worthy causes. The most famous is freerice.com, a site that offers various educational games in subjects such as vocabulary, geography, literature, math, and chemistry. For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to the World Food Program, to help feed the hungry. Now Disney’s getting in on the game. Disney Friends for Change, the company’s arm that tries to get kids involved in volunteer work, has … Continue reading

“Thor” A Mighty Addition to the Marvel Lineup

“Thor” officially kicked off the blockbuster season this past weekend. Its status as a comic book film qualifies it as the first of the summer’s big-budget, big-hype movies, and its place in the series of Marvel flicks leading up to the superpower-packed, Joss Whedon (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”)-helmed “Avengers” movie only heightened the anticipation. Here’s the rub: as my husband said to me as we exited the theater, “Thor” didn’t feel like a typical comic book movie. Unlike infamous flops “Jonah Hex” and the Ang Lee “Hulk,” however, with “Thor,” this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are two reasons … Continue reading

Club Penguin

In 2007 Disney bought out a website called Club Penguin. The site had been gaining popularity as a popular online destination for kids, so of course Disney couldn’t resist that siren’s call. Club Penguin is a MMORG, or “massive multiplayer online role-playing game,” for children. Users play online with others from around the world, controlling characters they design themselves. Because Club Penguin is meant for children between the ages of 6 and 14, large emphasis has been placed on keeping the game safe. The creators of Club Penguin have taken several measures to keep children safe in an online community … Continue reading

Insurance for Virtual Crops

If you are on Facebook, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the super popular game called Farmville. This game involves planting little virtual crops. Ideally, you want to return to the game when your crops are ready, or they will wither. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some kind of virtual crop insurance? Oddly enough, the Farmer’s Insurance Company will soon be involved in the Farmville game. Farmville is a creation of a company called Zynga. While Zynga is not the only game company on Facebook, it is one of the most well recognized ones. If you are on Facebook, … Continue reading