Limited Time Magic at the Disney Parks

2013 is a big year for the domestic Disney Parks. 2012 saw a lot of change for the both of them, between the reimagined California Adventure and the Fantasyland expansion (the largest in history for the Magic Kingdom). To celebrate, both parks are throwing a party for 2013, called “Limited Time Magic.” One-of-a-kind events will take place at the parks at certain times throughout the year next year. The official Disney Parks blog has a look at some of them. Two follow holidays: Valentine’s and Independence Day. For Valentine’s the Disney Parks are rolling out “True Love,” an event lasting … Continue reading

Gaming on Disney Cruises

Gamers aren’t really the type to go on cruises. I don’t want to stereotype too much, but given that I can count myself among gamer ranks I feel like I can speak to some shared experiences. We gamers need our space, sometimes preferring solo games or multiplaying via the web to actually spending time with people in real life. Even those of us who like hanging out with our friends might be put off by being stuck on a ship in the middle of the ocean along with the massive crowds of strangers that are an inevitable part of cruises. … Continue reading

Relax this Holiday Weekend with Disney Games

A holiday like Thanksgiving is the perfect time for a family to get together and play some games. Disney fanatics have many games from which they can choose to play that relate to the Mouse House. The official Disney Parks blog has a post on some of the possibilities. Many of these are pre-existing popular board games that have released Disney editions. My mind immediately went to Monopoly, special versions of which you can find for just about anything, from “Star Wars” to college football. And of course there’s a Disney Monopoly. I wonder if in addition to purchasing Disney … Continue reading

Disney at E3 and Other Video Games Update

A Kinect demo booth at this year’s E3 The E3 Video Game exhibition might be over now, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop talking about all we learned about upcoming video games. Put E3 up there for me with other conventions, like Comic Con and the D23 Expo, that I’d love to attend one day. Disney didn’t dominate E3, as the company isn’t really known for putting out much more than thrown-together movie tie-in games. Titles like “Epic Mickey” and “Kingdom Hearts” are the exceptions to the rule, though the latter doesn’t quite count because it was a … Continue reading

A Personal History of Disney Video Gaming

I’ll admit that next to reading, video gaming is one of my primary hobbies. My love for Disney has always been a part of my video gaming experience. In the early 1990s I had single-game bright plastic colored handheld devices. One, bedecked in perfect princess purples and pinks contained a “Beauty and the Beast” game wherein, as Belle, I had to race to Beast’s castle ahead of Gaston in order to warn the Beast of the advancing mob. My other game, in frankly lurid shades of orange and turquoise, tied in with the Disney afternoon kids show “Rescue Rangers.” Disney’s … Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along

Last February I spent a weekend visiting my sister-in-law baking cookies and watching Disney movies; our husbands both weren’t included (though hers was in the house, but he mostly hid from us). We first made plans for our Disney weekend discussing “Beauty and the Beast.” We both love the movie so much we always sing along with the songs, and usually follow along with the dialog as well. We talked about how we can never watch the movie with anyone else, because others usually find our tendency to recite the whole film annoying. So we figured we’d match each other … Continue reading

New Disney Music Website

Fans of Disney’s teen musical acts, often teenagers themselves, now have yet another destination at which to spend time on the Disney Go website: Disney Music. Given that Disney’s been in the pop music business for years now, releases from their animated movie soundtracks notwithstanding, the only surprise is that the company hadn’t launched a music site this sophisticated until now. Disney Music brings the Mouse Company’s extensive catalog all into one place, but the focus is clearly on the Disney Channel’s recent teen sensations. Currently on the main page of the site visitors are greeted with Selena Gomez’s brand … Continue reading

Disneyland Scholarships

The month-long period between mid-May and mid-June seems full of one thing: graduates. Starting with college graduations in the middle of May and continuing with the high school graduations scattered throughout June, it seems there’s a fete for a graduate everywhere we turn this time of year. Of course Disney, as famous as is it for throwing huge celebrations, has to get in on the fun. Every year the Disneyland Resort grants 10 high school seniors $5,000 each in scholarships to help further their education. The Disneyland Scholarship Program is about more than just good grades. Students who want to … Continue reading

Disney Sing It: Family Hits

My husband and I are video game addicts. Console or computer, it doesn’t matter; we own a bunch of games and have played even more that we’ve borrowed from friends or swapped for others at GameSpot. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone here that my favorite game of all time is Kingdom Hearts. The super-popular Japanese franchise blends the action-RPG style of the Legend of Zelda games with an original and epic story line, one that includes character cameos from Final Fantasy (one of the most popular series of video games). But most importantly, the story revolves around … Continue reading

Breakfast With Santa

Every year our county throws a pancake breakfast for all the foster and adoptive families in the county. This was our third year going. The first year I worked the silent auction with the foster parents’ group. Jessie was one and crawled all over and had many people carry her around. Daddy came with us to last year’s Breakfast With Santa. We ate pancakes and Jessie did all the crafts. When we went to take a picture with Santa, Jessie was not excited. Giggles was five months and was an angel on Santa’s lap. For the family picture Daddy and … Continue reading