Infants: The Hottest New Market

We all know that Disney will market to absolutely anyone it thinks it can get to buy its merchandise. We also know that Disney will pursue its advertising targets till the ends of the earth, producing any conceivable product (and some hitherto inconceivable) to ridiculous and often extreme ends. So really, Disney ought not to surprise anyone with whatever new marketing schemes it rolls out. Despite all of that, I just can’t help it; Disney’s got my eyebrows raised with this one. What’s the Mouse House’s latest marketing target? Infants. Pushing products towards the just-out-of-the-womb isn’t entirely new territory for … Continue reading

Disney Recalls: “Cars” Backpacks, Baby Einstein Blocks and Cookies

Disney has recently initiated recalls on three products that Disney fans and visitors should know about. “Cars” Backpacks, made in China and sold at Target department stores from February through September of this year for $13 each are being recalled for the magnetic game pieces in them. The magnetic pieces are not child safe and, if swallowed, could lead to blood poisoning and even death. If you’ve purchased one of these backpacks, please be sure young children do not have access to the magnetic pieces and return the backpack to your nearest Target store. Baby Einstein Discover and Play Color … Continue reading

Disney: Coming to a Store Near You

Never mind that my living room already looks like a disheveled Disney Store stockroom, those crafty folks at Mickey’s head office want my daughter to beg me for even more Winnie the Pooh and Donald Duck merchandise. If you have children (or are simply an observant shopper) you likely know all about the savvy marketers over at Disney who have come up with innovative ways to sell their diverse array of everyday products. From Disney vitamins to Disney fragrances, Disney fruit snacks (my daughter is partial to the “Little Einsteins” ones) to Disney shampoos, Disney toothpaste, and Disney soap. Store … Continue reading

New Disney Fragrances—For Boys

I grew up in a house filled with brothers and it’s no secret that their rooms… and more importantly… their bodies didn’t always smell shower fresh. Obviously, this is not a problem exclusive to my brothers because now Disney is coming out with a way for boys to smell their best. So much for the rancid scents of sweat, mud and grass. Disney is rolling out “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Buzz Lightyear” fragrances targeting boys ages 4 to 11 in Latin communities. According to Disney, the products will sell for about $10 to $20 and will be in stores … Continue reading

The Disney Blog Week in Review for April 23 – 26

I love Disney. I think I’ve said that plenty of times here, but each time I sit down to write or read something in the Disney blog, I am instantly reminded of all the great and fun memories I have of Disney products, movies, amusement parks and more. What I love most about Disney, however, is not their merchandising, their rides or even their movies – it’s their ability to inspire the imagination and to transport us to other worlds and other times. So what did we talk about this week in Disney? Monday, April 23 Planning a vacation to … Continue reading

Disney Stores Recall Baby Einstein Pajamas

As the headline says, Disney Stores North America and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have put into effect a recall for Baby Einstein pajamas. The pajamas are the ones that utilize the baby duck and caterpillar designs. The recall was announced yesterday, April 24th because the pajamas present a risk of burn injury to small children. While no injuries have been reported, tests indicate that the pajamas do not meet a children’s flammability standard. Sales figures indicate that about 200 of these footed pajamas were sold between April and May of last year. If you’re wondering whether you purchased these … Continue reading