Married at Sea: Disney Cruise Weddings

I’ve never written much about a Disney wedding, which is strange because I’m a blogger both for our Disney and our Marriage categories. But if you read my marriage blogs you know that I’m not a fan of big, fancy weddings, and a Disney wedding would certainly be that. Previous Disney bloggers have written a lot on the topic, so I didn’t have anything new to offer. Until now. I just learned that the Disney Cruise line offers wedding and vow renewal packages. I’m always up for writing about a new Disney thing I didn’t know existed, and we’ve never … Continue reading

Disney World Bridal Studio Upgrade

It seems everything at Walt Disney World is getting a facelift these days. First come plans for a major Fantasyland expansion, and next we hear that popular destination for Disney fan couples Franck’s Bridal Studio has undergone a technological renovation. Stitch Kingdom reports that Disney’s one-stop shop for weddings has added two new planning rooms, updated its furnishings, and most importantly, upgraded its technological capabilities. Before, couples would travel to the Franck’s in person to meet with their wedding planner to iron out all the details on their upcoming Disney-themed nuptials. While it’s still necessary for couples to meet with … Continue reading

Would You Buy Walt Disney Signature Products?

I’ve talked a lot about the Disney merchandise permeating our lives, about the “must have” mania it can sometimes inspire, or just the fun experience of being a collector it can involve. I’ve mentioned some of the bizarre merchandise Disney offers, but I haven’t really gone into just how much Disney there is that we don’t recognize. Obviously a company as large as Disney owns several properties that don’t brandish their Mouse Ears: television channels ABC and ESPN, the newly-acquired Marvel, even the publishing company Hyperion. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Today I’m interested in the brands bearing … Continue reading

Walt Disney World Spas: Grand Floridian

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa takes pampering to amazing new levels. Not only are there white sand beaches and concierge service to be sure you’re treated right at the Grand Floridian but there is a great full-service spa and health club right there on the premises. You can enjoy treatments for the face and body that are guaranteed to refresh and revitalize you down to your core. You can have your choice of massage therapies, facials, aromatherapies, signature services and even enjoy a good workout. When planning your vacation at the Grand Floridian, consider some of these great spa … Continue reading

10 Reasons to Have a Disney World Wedding

Are you or a loved one engaged? Have you been talking about the different plans that you have to make and are you wondering where would be the perfect location for your wedding? Do you imagine a grand splashy affair or something, smaller, more intimate? Are you the fun and adventurous type or the more conservative and traditional? Let me help you out with a list of reasons why having a Disney World Wedding is the way to go. 10 Reasons to Have a Disney World Wedding Disney Weddings provides you with a professional wedding planner whose job it is … Continue reading

Disney Weddings: The Basics

As one of my best friends prepares for her upcoming wedding, I am reminded that many people are beginning to plan their own weddings for the year. One of the most coveted wedding experiences is having the complete fairy tale wedding at the Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort. First things first: It’s virtually impossible to completely cover the Disney Wedding experience in just one article, so over the next two months, I will be covering just about everything Disney Wedding from intimate ceremonies to elaborate ceremonies amidst Cinderella Castle to honeymooning at Disney, or as some like to call … Continue reading