Lilly Diabetes – Disney Partnership

Learning to live with diabetes, especially type 1, is a hard adjustment for anyone. But it might be the hardest for children. Now suddenly kids have an adult responsibility in watching what they eat while most other children around them consume whatever they want. Enter the Lilly Diabetes organization’s new partnership with Disney. Stitch Kingdom reports on the measures the diabetes awareness and research company has taken with Disney Online and Disney Publishing to raise public cognizance of the disease and to help families who struggle with it. The Lilly-Disney partnership takes two forms: a new subset of the Disney … Continue reading

Filming the Disney Christmas Day Parade

Growing up, I hoped that one year I could spend my Christmas watching the Disney parade from the sidelines instead of my couch. If I’d ever gotten my wish, my young self would have been disappointed. That is because Disney does not hold their Christmas Day parade on Christmas Day. Instead, they film in nearly a month in advance. Tomorrow the parade you’ll see on your screens was taped on December 3-5. Disney usually announces the dates for their annual taping near the end of October. Those interested in obtaining tickets for the event should keep close watch on the … Continue reading

Why Use Disney’s Magical Express Service?

Why should you use Disney’s Magical Express Service? Let’s talk about what it is first and foremost. The Magical Express Service is designed to help you get from the airport to the hotel with your luggage with a minimum of fuss and muss. As it turns out, the majority of the tourist traffic that comes through Orlando International Airport were destined for Disney – and as you can imagine that’s a lot of people, every day and a lot of luggage. The airport made a deal with Disney that allowed them to make sure the luggage was delivered to the … Continue reading

Disney World Parenting Tips

You may think that parenting is the same at Disney as it is at home. You would be right, but the problem is that a lot of parents focus on leniency as a way of keeping the peace when they are in the heavily crowded areas that comprise the parks. Yes, you may be more lenient when you are at the parks, but don’t sacrifice discipline and order just to avoid a whine or a complaint. Gluttony Disney World is a great huge invitation for gluttony. After all, there are tons of souvenirs from hats to clothes to toys and … Continue reading

Planning – The Secret to Disney World Success

If you are visiting Disney World you need to be prepared for the immense size of this theme park. It’s just not possible to see all of it in one or two days – although if you only wanted to see a few things in a number of the parks that make up Disney World, you probably could manage that. But to really take in what it’s all about, soak up that special Disney atmosphere, and take the opportunity to try out all the rides and exhibitions, then you’re looking at one full day minimum per park. Buying a good … Continue reading

Why can’t we all have Disney Weather?

I’m looking out my window here in Sweden at the huge amount of snow that the sky dropped onto us overnight Saturday/Sunday. There’s about 1.5 feet of it. What’s with that? I know that I’m supposed to live in a country that’s known for its winter weather, but come on people, 1.5 feet overnight! This wouldn’t happen in Disney! If you’ve ever been to Disney World, you’ll know that Disney’s got it under control. They’ve even got the weather to behave! How do they do that? Ok, so yes, they do get rain. But it’s Disney rain! It’s not the … Continue reading

Tips for Vacationing in an RV

Today, we see a growing number of people taking road trips with the family RV. This way, you can stay where you want, pull over to rest, and travel in style to see the things you want to see. Vacationing in an RV is an excellent way to experience the country but because you are in close quarters, you definitely want to plan well. To make your next RV vacation more enjoyable, I wanted to provide you with some great tips. For starters, expect to have lots of patience, realizing that it will be tight quarters. By having realistic expectations, … Continue reading

Back-to-School Drama

As if parents don’t have enough to worry about as back-to-school season gets underway. Apparently, finding ways to pay for a mountain of school supplies, worrying about bullies on the bus, cajoling kids into bed at night and out in the morning, packing lunches, prepping outfits and finding the perfect bag, is not nearly enough for parents to deal with as September rolls around. Of course not. Now, we also have to figure out how to protect our kids from their own backpacks. Thanks to a new report published by the Center for Health, Environment and Justice, moms and dads … Continue reading

Villagers Ejected From Future Site of the Most Magical Place on Earth

At the beginning of the month Disney made an announcement I initially decided not to cover on my blog: plans to build a new theme park in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China. The announcement basically consisted of just that, with little additional information, and I wasn’t sure how many of our readers would ever have the chance to visit the park. Now I’ve learned something about the Shanghai Theme Park Project that makes me want to bring it to the attention of our readers. The future site of Disney Shanghai is currently occupied by the villages and fields of … Continue reading

Get Your Wiggle on at Six Flags

My preschool daughter has never been a huge Wiggles fan. What’s more, she screams like a banchee every time I try to put her on an amusement park ride. And I’m not talking about those baby roller coasters that travel on a flat track, or those crazy toddler swings that spin around with modified reckless abandon. For the past three years my child has unleashed glass shattering, ear splitting, high-pitched shrieks each time I’ve tried to place her on merry-go-round horses (the paralyzed ones that don’t move up and down), baby boats (that barely move in a pool no bigger … Continue reading