Disneyland’s World of Color

Tonight Disneyland premieres a beautiful new exhibit called the World of Color. Playing exclusively in the evening, World of Color is a high-tech water and light show celebrating the magic of Disney. Powered jets shoot water up to 200 feet above spectators’ heads, and rotate to let the water dance amidst colorful beams of light. Within the water and light play scenes and clips from famous Disney films, all set to music. The type of music isn’t specified, but a New York Times profile on Bob Iger mentioned he tweaked it to sound more contemporary. Frankly I’d be surprised if … Continue reading

Disneyland Scholarships

The month-long period between mid-May and mid-June seems full of one thing: graduates. Starting with college graduations in the middle of May and continuing with the high school graduations scattered throughout June, it seems there’s a fete for a graduate everywhere we turn this time of year. Of course Disney, as famous as is it for throwing huge celebrations, has to get in on the fun. Every year the Disneyland Resort grants 10 high school seniors $5,000 each in scholarships to help further their education. The Disneyland Scholarship Program is about more than just good grades. Students who want to … Continue reading

Be Proud Of Your Accomplishments

I’m on kind of a rant tonight, I heard something that has just made me see red. I live in Utah, which is a wonderful place, I love it here, but what I heard today has made me mad. It seems that the schools don’t want the graduating seniors to talk about what colleges they got accepted to or what scholarships they received. Why, you ask? Because it may make the other students feel bad. Are you kidding me? I’m typing this and I’m stunned. I am all for protecting our children from what we can protect them from and … Continue reading

Last Year for Grad Nite in Orlando

The high school graduating class of 2011 sure is lucky; they are the last students able to celebrate their graduation at Disney World. The official Disney Parks blog just announced that after this year Disney World has no intention to continue the Grad Nite tradition. For decades the resort has hosted Grad Nites in the spring, offering seniors an exclusive party in honor of their achievement. On several nights in late April, May, and early June, both Disney World and Disneyland open their gates for high school seniors to throw a massive party. It’s like an uber prom; celebrity DJ’s … Continue reading

Clean the World the Disney Way

2010 stands apart in my book for the year of Disney volunteering. From the Give a Day, Get a Disney Day program to learning about the work Disney VoluntEARS do in their local communities, it’s clear that Disney has a strong current commitment to making the world a better place. The official Disney Parks blog shares a story about one of the VoluntEARS’ latest projects. The VoluntEARS from Walt Disney World Resort have partnered with Orlando-based nonprofit Clean the World to both promote the recycling of amenities and improve health in impoverished areas. Clean the World’s mission is to help … Continue reading

Disney English Learning Centers in China

I know I haven’t been very supportive of Disney’s business deals in China, but recent news from The Washington Post finds me giving at least a partial thumbs up to one of Disney’s latest branding efforts there. In fact, this particular story starts in the city about which I blasted Disney’s efforts to build a new theme park: Shanghai. While there’s not much more news on Disney building its second Chinese theme park there, and whether it’s improved its dealings with the locals it would be displacing, in 2008 Disney did do something good for the city of Shanghai: open … Continue reading

Marathon Monday at Disney World

Now there’s more than one way to earn a free day at Disney World. For 2010, those who volunteer in their local community can sign up for a free trip to Disneyland or Disney World. Next year, anyone who completes the Walt Disney World Marathon gets free admission to the park the following day. The official Disney Parks blog announces “Marathon Monday,” taking place on January 10, 2011. Everyone who finishes the 26.2-mile Disney World Marathon on January 9 can bring their finishers medal in place of a ticket to one of the Walt Disney World parks the following day. … Continue reading