Children’s Literature – American History for Kids

Introducing children to history and politics may be a tricky thing to manage. How old does a child need to be before it is fair game to discuss the American Revolution and the Founding Fathers? At what point do you venture into a conversation about the presidents and the role of politics in our daily lives? These are tough questions and while I do not have the exact answers for what is best for you and your family, I can suggest two books that do a fine job of teeing up the discussion of these very topics. John, Paul, George … Continue reading

Fun Crafts for Kids During Deployment

As this year begins there are thousands of families that will be split up by deployment. No, I’m not meaning divorce, but it is a time that families aren’t together. Some only seperated by states while others are seperated by countires. This is a very trying time for families, you miss each other terribly, children will have 100 questions that they ask every week and miss mommy/daddy even more. What types of things can you do for your child to make this transition a little bit easier? A few ideas I’ve tried and read about will be in these entries … Continue reading

DIY Kids Art Show

As anyone with a child knows, there are a lot of crafts, doodles, scribbles, paintings, and torn out pages of coloring books that pass through our lives. We see everything from a circle of cheerios glued on to a page to a sheet of white paper with just one big red crayon line on it. The myriad of art that our kid’s produce in their young lives is staggering, to save it all for one child, let along multiple kids may require the renting of a U-Store It facility! Storing these childhood treasures is only the first hurdle, the big … Continue reading

Fun Ways to Survive the Heat Wave

Sizzling temperatures, streaming sweat and screaming kids. Fun times. A mid-summer heat wave is blanketing the nation this week.  According to meteorologists, more than 50 million people will be affected by dangerously high temperatures which could last all the way through Saturday. Hitting the beach or heading to a local pool is a great way to beat the heat, but for some kids the splishing and splashing may get old after a few days.  With excessive heat warnings posted in dozens of cities, some parents may opt to remain indoors with their children.  If you choose to stay cool in the … Continue reading

Epcot Flower & Garden Festival Kicks Off This Week

This week the Epcot International Flower Garden Festival officially opens.  It’s one of Epcot’s longest events, in the length of time it’s going on at the park.  So from year to year it might not seem like a lot changes.  This year, though, it’s got something special up its sleeve. One of Disney’s big films of the year is “Oz: The Great & Powerful,” which tells the story of how a man from the American Midwest became the wonderful, terrible Wizard of Oz.  It opens on March 8, two days after the kickoff of the Flower & Garden Festival, and … Continue reading

Delightful Valentine’s Day Printables

I’ve discovered that Valentine’s Day is a great way to practice writing. So has my daughter, much to her chagrin, as she works on printing Valentines neatly. Neatness is not at the top of her priority list, but I’ve emphasized that people like to receive legible love notes. Picky, picky. If you’re creating some Valentine’s Day goodies and doing some covert printing practice too, you’ll love these Valentine’s Day printables! Of course, the ultimate Valentine’s Day printable is the card itself! There are many, many free cards on the internet, and you can also print out heart shapes by the … Continue reading

Don’t Pay Off Your House!

I had the most interesting conversation with a lawyer last night. He was telling me and my husband some ways to improve our credit scores and how to prepare for home ownership, and he said something that made both my eyebrows go up. He said that we shouldn’t be in too big of a hurry to pay off a house once we get it. Pretend there are two families, and they each buy a home for $200,000. Family A makes the regular monthly payment, and Family B puts every penny into paying it down faster. Some time goes by, and … Continue reading

Freebie Review

If you have been reading the Deals blog for awhile, you know that I list a freebie at the end of each story. It’s usually something you register for online and wait to arrive in the mailbox. If you have been registering for each one as they appear, you should start to receive these goodies anytime now. Just in case you missed any, I am giving you the list of freebies that are still available. currently has Tampax Pearl, Gillette Hair Care for Men, Tide Totalcare, Kotex, Oatmeal Crisp, Meow Mix and the Alli – free book. These freebies … Continue reading

Children’s Literature – Stories of Acceptance for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Odd Velvet By Mary E Whitcomb Illustrated by Tara Calahan King Chronicle Books, 1998 I feel a deep sense of connection to Velvet, the title character of this story of acceptance and uniqueness by Mary E. Whitcomb. I was (and still am) a bit of an odd ball. Like Velvet, I never felt a strong connection to the masses, although, also like Velvet, I never seemed to be too bothered by this fact. Odd Velvet is a modernly illustrated and charming tale representing a childhood utopia, of sorts. Certainly we who are oddballs ourselves, or are parents of oddballs, would … Continue reading

Made Up Song Sing Along

From a very young age, my little lady has had an ear for music. It was kind of unavoidable, I guess, considering my intense passion for recorded and live music and how much of it goes through her ears on a daily basis. Because we do not watch much television, it is usually music that can be heard emanating from our house and car (no vehicular DVD player for us!) At some point last year, she started to do something rather humorous while sitting in her car seat, staring out the window or playing with a stuffed animal friend. She … Continue reading