Driver Dogs Trained in New Zealand

I can’t drive stick.  I’m all right if there’s no one around me, but the second I’m at a stop sign and there are people behind me, I stall and can’t get the car to start again. So I’m feeling rather ashamed right now, because a group of dogs in New Zealand are doing what I can’t.  These rescue dogs have been trained to drive cars.  BBC News has the report. The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in New Zealand capital Auckland were tired of families surrendering dogs and saying that the pooches were too hard to … Continue reading

Greatest American Dog: Further Criticisms about the Show

One of the reality TV shows I ended up enjoying the most was Kid Nation. I wish the Greatest American Dog had a format more like that. Why I Liked Kid Nation I was not expecting to like the show. A bunch of kids forming their own society? Um, yeah, I couldn’t see how that’d be interesting. So I didn’t watch. But Wayne did. He DVRd the first episode and was raving so much about it curiosity won out. I watched and fell in love with those kids. It was hard not to be impressed by so many of them. … Continue reading

Mom Fitness: So Moms, What Do You Think?

Newsweek features an interesting article this week that found moms who have kids are not necessarily happier. In fact, it showed that stay at home moms and moms who work have a lot of things in common when it comes to what makes them happy. According to the list, the top things that made moms happy were: Taking a bubble bath alone Working out and going on a family holiday tied Receiving a massage or a romantic date with a spouse tied Playing with the kids or downtime by herself tied Sleeping What was interesting is that both SAHMs and … Continue reading

Do You Watch “The Early Show?”

Now that CBS execs are fairly certain Katie Couric is staying anchored at the evening news desk they have decided to place their energy into bolstering their other last place news show—“The Early Show.” Have you heard of it? Seriously, if you look at the ratings you have to wonder if people even know it is on the air. CBS News execs are now hoping to change that. Just a few days ago they made a public announcement saying they are looking to make the perennially last-place morning program more competitive by revamping its format and abandoning the way it … Continue reading

Do you hear what I hear? The Sense of Sound

Like their sense of sight, your toddler has been listening to the world for a long time. In fact, of all their senses – they’ve been listening to the world around them since they were inside the womb. Your baby recognizes your scent and the sound of your voice before anything else. Their hearing is constantly bombarded by the sounds of the world around them. It takes time for your toddler to learn how to shut out the other sounds and filter them. You can help your toddler expand their auditory skills by teaching them to ‘listen’ to specific sounds. … Continue reading

Do Dogs Watch Television?

According to, 87% percent of owners believe that their pets watch television. A survey by the American Kennel Club and Iams found that nearly half of dog surveyed showed some interest in what was happening on the television. Looking at how a dog’s eye works, they may not see television the same way we do. Human eyes perceive a continuous scene; dog eyes may be fast enough to catch each frame. Read more about how dogs’ eyes work, and what they can or can’t see. Read more about how cats’ eyes work! The problem with a dog vegging out … Continue reading

4 Reasons to Helicopter Parent Your Pet

It has been said that helicopter parenting might not be the most ideal parenting style. Kids need some room to make mistakes and learn from them. That being said, there are a lot of great reasons why you should helicopter parent your pet. Reasons Why You Should Helicopter Parent Your Pets Pets Don’t “Grow Out of It” Babies and toddlers go through a stage where they put everything they can grab into their mouths. They will grow out of this stage eventually. Pets, however, will always have a tendency to try and eat things that may or may not be … Continue reading

Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents’ Day is this weekend. I have some memories of this holiday, largely associated with my elementary school years. I remember that each year, the school would have a special lunch on Grandparents’ Day and we could each invite our grandparents to attend. Before the lunch, there were musical performances by each classroom and before Grandparents’ Day we would make special cards or pictures during art class to present to our grandparents. I remember that one or both of my grandmothers would attend the celebration each year. I am sure that much has changed since I was in elementary school. … Continue reading

Favorite Phases

When daughter was a toddler she absolutely adored watching Blues Clues. However, most of her viewing came courtesy of DVDs which I would have to set-up for her. By the time she was three, my daughter knew that it required a few button presses by mom before Blue and crew would show up on our television screen. While I adjusted settings, my daughter would grab her stuffed Elmo chair and settle in the middle of the living room smack in front of the TV. She would wait anxiously as I powered up the TV and DVD, made some menu selections … Continue reading

Not a Fan of Pet Movies, Pt. 2

Last time I talked about why I can’t watch the most common form of animal movies: the tearjerker. It seems that the most popular animal movies, even ones made by Disney (I still cannot watch “Bambi,” “Fox and the Hound,” or “The Lion King,” they’re just way too depressing), were written with the intention of causing the audience to burst into tears every 10 minutes. Two other primary forms of animal movies exist, and unfortunately, I don’t like watching those either. The first are ones for kids, and here I do have to make a caveat. Not all Disney animal … Continue reading