Genealogy Alphabet Soup

Today I thought that I would write a little poem, an alphabetical “ode to genealogy” if you will. Enjoy! A- Is for ancestors, from which we are descended. B – Is for genealogy books, and reading them is recommended. C – Is for the care with which we handle ancient records. D – Is for our role as family history detective. E – Is for the enormous amounts of time we spend on research. F – Is for the family, whose history is what we search. G – Is fairly obvious, that’s for genealogy. H – Is for how did … Continue reading

Volunteer Opportunity for Genealogists

If you are interested in genealogy and have some time to spare, you may want to volunteer to transcribe records into the Family Search database. Family Search is an excellent, free genealogy resource that is maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Anyone can access Family Search’s collection of genealogy records and resources from around the world. How can Family Search provide free access to all of these records? Thanks to the efforts of thousands of volunteers from all over the world, census data, probate records, vital records, church records and other records are entered into … Continue reading

Do You Need a Genealogy Research Miracle?

If you have hit a brick wall in your genealogical research and you think that you have tried everything to break through it, think again. Miracles can happen in any part of your life, including your genealogical research. Today, I learned about a group of kind-hearted genealogists that perform random acts of genealogical kindness for family history researchers that are in need of a little assistance. Once a month, each of these generous individuals is willing to donate the time that is required to complete one genealogical research task in their geographic area. If you are fortunate enough to be … Continue reading