How to Save Money at Oriental Trading

Oriental Trading is my go-to for supplies when I am planning a big birthday party, as I am doing this year. They have a ton of stuff, from decorations to crafts to goodie bag items. It is easy to find items to fit practically any theme. The spending could quickly get out of hand, unless you know the Oriental Trading money-saving secrets. My youngest, who usually gets short-changed in most things, by fortune of his birth (hand-me-downs and a much slimmer photo album) is finally getting his do with an elaborate (for us) knight-themed birthday party. He is inviting all … Continue reading

Pitfalls of Yard Sale Shopping

Yard sales, garage sales, tag sales, whatever you call them, they are in full swing during the early summer and a lot of fun to shop. Through yard sales, you can pick up some great deals, and since you never know what you are going to find, yard sale shopping can be a real treasure hunt. You do have to be careful when shopping at yard sales. There is buyer’s remorse, of course, when you pay too much for an item or get home and realize it isn’t what you wanted. There really is no return policy. If you aren’t … Continue reading

How to Make Eating at Home Fun

Eating at home saves money. That is just a fact. I took my kids out to lunch at a family friendly restaurant for a treat, and with tip we spend half of our weekly food bill that feeds not only the kids and I but also my husband. Since we don’t often eat out, I had forgotten how much it really costs to eat out these days. Still, the kids love to do it. In fact, eight times out of ten that would normally be their choice. Well, it was that way, before I started getting more purposeful about making … Continue reading

Win a Disney World Trip in the Fantasyland Sweepstakes

Now that the new Fantasyland is up and running (though not every single aspect of the park is open yet), it’s time for Disney World to offer fans a chance to win a free trip there.  The Disney Store is currently running a sweepstakes to win a 5-day, 4-night vacation at Disney World. Although the sweepstakes is in honor of the new Fantasyland, the prize doesn’t revolve too much around it.  Guests could win and choose to spend most of their time outside the Magic Kingdom, if they wanted.  Grand prize winners get to spend one night in the Cinderella … Continue reading

How to Use Garage Sales to Get Out of Debt

Garage sales can help you get out of debt in at least two major ways. Learn how you can use this staple of American culture to your advantage, as you pay down your bills and obtain financial freedom. Dave Ramsey, financial guru, once said to get out of debt he held a garage sale, selling so much that his kids thought they were going to be next. While this may seem like an extreme thing to do, the fact is that it is a good strategy to use in your arsenal of tools that will get you out of debt. … Continue reading

Time Saving Tips to Keep You on Track

With the holidays fast approaching, things might be getting a little busy around your house. Some people are able to back off a little bit from their home based businesses during the holiday season and focus on holiday activities. People with seasonal home based businesses are likely to be putting in as much time and effort as they can right now. Either way, you are likely to be feeling a little bit crunched for time. Of course, there are only so many hours in a day. While we can not create additional hours, we can employ a few strategies to … Continue reading

Why Smart Shopping Strategies Can Ruin Your Holiday Budget

It is usually the early bird that gets the worm, but when it comes to holiday shopping, the early bird may also get the bigger bills. People who shop the sales may also spend more than those who plan on buying items at full price. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But according to the American Research Group studying holiday spending, the average family who shopped early spent 14 percent more on gifts on average, and those who shopped the sales spent a whopping 53 percent more on average. what about online Yikes. Want another strange statistic? Those of us who … Continue reading

Can You Really Afford Cable?

Forget about alcohol, tobacco, Facebook or chocolate; cable TV is one of the most addicting entities around. Just ask the kids who spend hours upon hours watching it. Then, ask the parents who use it as a babysitter. These days it doesn’t take much to get moms and dads to admit that they’ve used cable to keep their kids occupied. Got an important phone call to make, turn on Nick Jr. Want to use the bathroom in peace, switch it to Cartoon Network. Desperate for a few minutes of uninterrupted me time, Disney Channel to the rescue. Cable is undoubtedly … Continue reading

Summer Lovin’!

It’s that time of year again, the kids are out of school, the sun is out, and the kids are itching to get outside and play! This is my favorite time of year and the summer weather has definitely hit here in Utah! As usual the first few weeks of summer are filled with excitement. The kids are eager to get outside and play with their friends, but after the first few weeks the newness has worn off and you are left trying to find something to occupy your children until school starts back up again in the fall. For … Continue reading

Behind the Screens: Are You Hiding In Plain Sight?

A woman I know with two small children is going through a difficult time in her life right now; she’s getting a divorce. Her husband left her abruptly, leaving her few options but to return to her hometown to live with her parents until she gets “settled.” Returning home feels to her like admitting defeat, like she’s unable to make it on her own. It’s hard for her to think about starting over in life, in relationships, in work; the whole thing is pretty overwhelming. I started noticing that whenever I’m on Facebook, so is she. I wondered, What are … Continue reading